TikTok suggesting Anna Paul's breakup is fake

People have a theory that Anna Paul and her ex Glen might be using their breakup for PR and here’s why

I’m really hoping they haven’t really broken up

I am absolutely obsessed with Anna Paul. So if, like me, you were a little bit addicted to keeping tabs on her relationship with her boyfriend of over 8 years Glen then you also would have been devastated when she revealed a few weeks ago that they had decided to break up. But now TikTok is speculating that Anna Paul might actually be faking her breakup to promote her new skincare line.

In the TikTok posted at the start of August Anna explains that she knows her relationship was one “a lot of people looked up to” and that the two “still love each other so much”. It was a “mutual breakup” and at the end of the video, Glen still gives her a little kiss on the cheek, brb actually in tears rn.


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It seems the two are still friends, with the two seen getting lunch together in Anna’s Tiktok’s and Anna making it very clear that the breakup ended amicably. A couple of days ago Anna announced her skincare line, Paullie, and showed a picture of how much her skin improved using her products. Anna is our queen so trust her to make sure the range is affordable, with everything being $30 or under.

But one of the TikToks that the Paullie TikTok page posted just two days ago was captioned “waiting for my ex to answer to let him know Paullie launches next Sunday”, and guess whose comment is the first to pop up? that’s right it’s Glen’s who commented, “Hello?”.

This post prompted fans to wonder if their breakup was all to create more attention around Anna and the launch of the skincare line with someone commenting, “Honestly it’s a genius PR stunt,”


Waiting for my ex to answer to let him know Paullie launches next Sunday September 10th…but only for our Friends on the list. #paullieskin #linkinbio

♬ original sound – Paullie

When you sign up for Paullie emails it sends you a cute email all about Anna, which also says “I live on the Gold Coast in Australia with my partner Glen, brother Atis, my beautiful Mama and our three cats.” It might be that she’s just forgotten to update the copy, but my delusional self is hoping that maybe it’s because they’re still together.

Whilst it doesn’t seem like something that Anna Paul would do, at this point, I’ve accepted the fact that influencers will do a lot in order to boost sales. So hopefully this is a PR stunt so I can still believe in love because by now I’m too deeply in denial for them to have actually broken up.

Anna Paul has been contacted for comment.

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