Scott’s wild first days in the Love Island USA villa, including cracking on and a recoupling

He did the exact same dance he did for Catherine in the heart rate challenge… for a new girl

It’s been only a matter of days since Scott van-der-Sluis from Love Island 2023 was revealed as doubling-down on villas for the year, and had jetted out to be a bombshell on the USA series. A big shock all round!

Already he’s gone straight into getting involved in the show’s drama – which in the case of the American version of the show, is a lot. He’s been on dates, got to know some of the girls, had the heart rate challenge, and gone through an intense recoupling.

The 2023 Love Island UK cast have all reacted to their fellow Islander moving on so quickly, but what actually has Scott been up to on the other side of the pond?

When Scott entered the Love Island USA villa, he was sent on some dates with the girls

Scott was thrown straight into it, and went on some dates with the girls. One of the girls, Kassy, knew exactly who he was from the UK series, and was a little bit shook to see him sat at a romantic dinner table outside the front of the villa. The dates were in secret, with the other Islanders having no idea he was out there.

Kassy was then sent back into the villa to fetch Imani, and sparks immediately flew with her and Scott. It was very clear there was something there.

It was awkward for Scott to get integrated with the boys

At first it seemed a little awkward for Scott to settle in among the USA guys, who were generally quite fascinated by the presence of a man from the UK. Some of them literally said they’d never had a British friend, and the first, very very key, question they had for Scott was if “bro code” existed in Britain.

He seems fine now though, and has been hanging out and chatting with the guys, and playing football with them in the villa.

The heart rate challenge has happened!

What could possibly be worse than doing the heart rate challenge? Doing it twice. Yep, within days of entering the Love Island USA villa Scott was faced with this again. For those who need their memory jogged, in the UK series Scott came out in a red cape, which was quickly whipped off, and he picked up Catherine and grinded on her on the floor.

This time he was dressed in a green boiler suit and gave USA Islander Imani the exact same dance he did for Catherine. Sigh. It’s going to be a long few weeks.

He also seemed to very much enjoy having the girls dance for him. Scott had kisses, stolen glances and even an ear lick for good measure.

The girls are going wild for Scott and he’s been cracking on

Sparks flew between Scott and Imani when they first met, but he’s also been flirting a lot with Johnnie Garcia. Johnnie came out as Bi during one of the episodes, and kissed fellow Islander Kassy.

Tbh, Scott has basically been flirting with the whole cast.

There’s been a recoupling and Scott was nearly sent home!

In the most recent episode of Love Island USA there was a tense recoupling, with loads of shock decisions. It was said anyone not chosen would be dumped, and teased there could be multiple people sent home.

Scott was very very nearly sent home, as he was chosen last for the recoupling. Slightly embarrassing to fly half way across the world to be chosen last, but hopefully he can come back from this.

Scott van-der-Sluis on Love Island USA 2023

via Peacock

Scott was chosen by Johnnie, and they’re looking pretty cosy now!

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