mushroom murders

A full timeline of events surrounding the tragic, mysterious ‘mushroom murders’ case

Erin Patterson denies wrongdoing after she served a meal that killed three family members and put one in hospital

An Australian woman is currently claiming innocence after serving a meal to her family members with poisonous mushrooms in that killed three of her family members, put one fighting for their life in hospital and somehow left her as the only one who didn’t fall ill. Erin Patterson tearfully has denied wrongdoing, and the case continues to be investigated – here’s a full timeline events of what’s unfolded so far as the ‘mushroom murders’ case continues to go viral on TikTok and other socials due to the mysterious nature of what’s actually occurred.

Saturday 29th July: The incident occurs

Erin Patterson serves a meal at her home to her former in-laws Don and Gail Patterson and Gail Patterson’s sister Heather Wilkinson and Reverend Ian Wilkinson, Heather’s husband in Leongatha, Victoria, southeast Australia. Erin’s two children were also at the meal, but didn’t eat the same food.

By the evening, the Pattersons and Wilkinsons reported that they felt unwell.

Ian and Heather Wilkinson

August 4th: The first two deaths

Gail Patterson and Heather Wilkinson die almost a week after the meal.

August 5th: Third death

Don Patterson passes away a day later. Reverend Wilkinson is in hospital, where he remains fighting for his life.

Erin Patterson’s children have been taken into care as a precautionary measure.

Police confirm they’re investigating

After confirming Erin Patterson is a suspect and they’re investigating, the Australian police also agree it could just have been a freak accident.

“I would like to say that because the Homicide Squad is investigating this matter, it doesn’t automatically mean that the deaths are suspicious,” Detective Inspector Dean Thomas said. “I’m not aware of an investigation where we’ve had three people die as a result of an apparent food poisoning, whether that be by mushroom or something else – so yes, it is quite unique.

“That woman has not presented with any symptoms. So again, that forms part of our investigation whether she did or didn’t eat any of the mushrooms or anything else that may have been eaten on that particular day.”

8th August: Erin Patterson breaks silence


“I loved them and I’m devastated that they’re gone.” @Allison rose #ErinPatterson #mushroommurder

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When the media came to her house, Erin Patterson spoke to them for the first time since the ‘mushroom murders’ incident.

Through tears, Erin Patterson said: “It’s a tragedy what’s happened. I’m so devastated what’s happened by the loss, Don is still in hospital, but of Ian and Heather and Gail. They were some of the best people I’ve ever met. Gail was like the mum I didn’t have because my mum passed away four years ago. Gail has never been anything but good and kind to me. Ian and Heather were some of the best people I’ve ever met, I’m so devastated by what’s happened.”

“I lost the community. And to my own children who lost their grandparents.”

Erin is then asked to tell press anything more about the meal itself. She says “What I can tell you is that I just can’t fathom what has happened.”

Erin is then asked where the mushrooms came from, but she doesn’t respond.

10th August: Erin Patterson’s ex-husband claims she tried to poison him

Simon Patterson, Erin’s ex-husband whose parents died after eating the mushrooms, now claims he suspects Erin tried to poison him when he had an unknown gut illness last year, the Herald Sun reports.

Simon Patterson says he nearly passed away twice from the mystery illness. Erin Patterson is yet to comment on these claims.

The investigation into what happened with the ‘mushroom murders’ is still ongoing

This is a developing story. More updates to follow. 

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