Why won't Ryan Gosling eat on camera

Here’s the hilarious reason Ryan Gosling is always refusing to eat on camera

His commitment to the bit is admirable

He may only be jut Ken, but Ryan Gosling is all anyone can talk about right now. People have known for a longtime that Ryan has a fantastic sense of humour but he’s taken it to the next level with his commitment to a now years old internet meme. Since his role in the Barbie movie, he’s been doing the rounds of interviews and fans are picking up on the fact Ryan avoids eating when he’s front of the camera. In some instances, Ryan will do anything he can to not be seen stuffing his gob, including hiding behind things and covering his face. If you’re only watching a Ryan Gosling interview as one of, then you’d be mistaken for believing this is just a silly little quirk of his but it is very much done purposefully and actually stems back to a meme.

It all started with a meme of Ryan Gosling eating cereal

Now when I say Ryan avoiding being filmed eating isn’t anything new, I mean that it started over 10 years ago. Way back when in the days of Vine, I’m talking 2013, a user called Ryan McHenry uploaded a series of videos captioned: “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal.”

The videos were mega bizarre and consisted of McHenry filming his TV screen playing a really intense acting scene from Ryan Gosling whilst approaching him with a spoon of cereal and milk. The clips were always well timed so that it looked like Ryan was either actively repulsed or avoiding the cereal. The videos quickly gained traction and the internet became obsessed meaning the meme is still known and loved a decade later.

But why won’t Ryan Gosling eat on camera?


Replying to @Ouiouimariee Ryan Gosling refuses to eat cereal… and everything else we fed him 😂🥣 #ryangosling #barbiemovie #kenergy #ryangoslingedit #ladbible #tryingfood #margotrobbie

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Ryan didn’t acknowledge this meme until two years later in 2015 when McHenry sadly passed away from cancer. Ryan tweeted: “My heart goes out to all of Ryan McHenry’s family and friends. Feel very lucky to have been a part of his life in some small way” and even paid tribute by uploading his vine of him, you guessed it, eating cereal.

That vine is one only of a very small amount of footage that exists online showing him eating as since then Ryan has absolutely refused to eat on camera in reference to the cereal meme and a way of keeping McHenry’s memory alive. He’s so committed to the bit that even as recently as this week, when being filmed trying British snacks with LadBible, Ryan hid behind his jacket for every single bite he took. God I love that man.

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