Georgia Hassarati addresses her split from Harry Jowsey in a messy TikTok video

‘He was the biggest mistake’

Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati are at the centre of a bitter feud on TikTok after Harry accused his ex-girlfriend of cheating on him, something she has denied and provided receipts about.

The pair took part on different seasons of Too Hot to Handle and they met after Georgia was crowned the winner of Perfect Match. They went on to date for almost a year before ending things.

Harry initially claimed Georgia cheated on him and now she has finally addressed everything, and of course it’s messy.

So what has Georgia Hassarati said about Harry Jowsey? Here’s everything we know.

Did Georgia Hassarati cheat on Harry Jowsey?


Sad im actually giving him the attention he so desperately craves

♬ original sound – Georgia

Georgia Hassarati has put to bed the claims that she cheated on Harry, saying it simply never happened.

She claimed Harry broke up with her over a “gut feeling” she had been unfaithful, using a “pathetic handwritten letter” to end things.

“He hates that I’ve moved on so effortlessly, so he has to now tell you all that I’ve cheated on him,” Georgia said, before asking anyone with proof of her cheating at Coachella to share it.

Harry allegedly said his friend saw Georgia kissing someone at Coachella, but there is no proof to show this. Georgia then asked the internet to send photos that can confirm what Harry said.


the boy who cried “cheater”

♬ original sound – Georgia

What did Georgia Hassarati say in her TikToks?

“He was the biggest mistake to my character, to my image, to everything for being so naïve and being with someone which everyone warned me about. I found out they all were right,” Georgia said.


Enjoy watching this on one of your 85 burner accounts and leave me tf alone

♬ original sound – Georgia

In a final TikTok, Georgia slammed Harry for alleging that her family had been “horrible to him”. She claimed that despite her family witnessing “all the pain” she had gone through, they showed him nothing but kindness. “My whole family loved him,” she said. “No one judged him.”

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