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Meet Bobbi Althoff: Another deadpan TikToker girlie taking over your FYP

Amelia Dimoldenberg is shaking rn


I don’t know about anyone else, but we thought Drake’s Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg was imminent. She’d already called him her “ultimate crush”, he’d commented on her Insta post, they’d even DM’d to try and arrange a day to meet. But he’s since been in bed with someone else and the interview has 22 million views.

Yup, there’s a different deadpan interviewer taking over TikTok who’s scooped Amelia and got Champagne Papi on her show Really Good Podcast first – is anyone else a bit sick of this format?. Bobbi Althoff awkwardly interviews US stars (Lil Yachty, Armani Blanco, Rick Glassman, Tammin Sursok, recently cancelled Colleen Ballinger) and it’s exactly like Chicken Shop Date – without the chicken. So, here’s everything you need to know about Bobbi, who’s now all over your For You Page:

She’s 25-years-old and used to be a mum influencer

In her Instagram bio, it says Bobbi’s  an “aspiring podcast host, actress, influencer, supermodel and singer.” But she rose to fame on TikTok when she started posting content in 2020 on a different account, which focussed on mumflencer content. The account is now private but still has 1.2million followers after her rebrand.

She’s from California and has 4million TikTok followers

Bobbi lives in California and has four million followers on her new TikTok account where she posts more comedy content and all of her Really Good Podcast interviews. Drake actually tried to roast her during their episode because she revealed she was missing one of her children’s birthdays to chat to him.

She calls her two daughters ‘Richard’ and ‘Concrete’

Although Bobbi used to be a mumfluencer and chronicled all her pregnancies, she now keeps her two daughters lives really private. To keep them off camera and their identities hidden she even nicknamed them “Richard” and “Concrete” rather than revealing their real names.

She’s married to author and computer scientist Cory Althoff

One of Bobbi’s first TikTok videos was of her husband, author and computer scientist Cory Althoff, proposing. Cory proposed in October 2019 and he’s well known for writing the books The Self-Taught Programmer (2017) and The Self-Taught Computer Scientist (2021). His Instagram account is now private.

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