All Stars 8 queens money

A full rundown of the eye-wateringly huge amounts of cash the All Stars 8 queens earned

The producers were chucking dollars at them this season

On All Stars 8 of Drag Race, the producers over at World of Wonder have been chucking cash at the queens all season long like they have an endless pot of it. Won’t somebody think of any Drag Race UK queen, who emerge from seasons with a badge if they’re lucky? All Stars 8 has been potentially the most lucrative season for queens in the cast ever, so here’s a full ranked rundown of how much money queens earned across the season. Because honestly, it was hard to keep up!

12. Heidi N Closet: 0$

Unlike the other queens, Heidi N Closet exited All Stars 8 before she could win any money. Because Heidi walked, she wasn’t eligible to come back for the Fame Games.

11. Darienne Lake: $500

Second last is Darienne Lake, who won $500 in the finale.

10. Naysha Lopez: $500 (and a trip)

Naysha Lopez, like Darienne, also won $500 but ALSO won an extra little trip – which is cute for her.

9. Monica Beverly Hillz: $1500

Monica left All Stars 8 first, but still took home $1500. And that’s before all the bookings and inevitable merch money she’s going to get after “Not a soul can clock.” Or “Not a soaking clock”, depending on who you ask.

8. Jaymes Mansfield: $2000

Jaymes Mansfield emerged from the season with a nice $2000 in total, and a way better faring than she did leaving first back on season nine.

7. Mrs Kasha Davis: $4000

THEE Queen won herself $4000 which is a pretty decent faring. I would give her everything I own but that’s just me.

6. Kahanna Montrese: $5,500

All Stars 8 was a great season for queens who left first or early to come back and get some exposure and some money, Kahanna did this wonderfully and she left with $5,500 in total.

5. Alexis Michelle: $17,500

Coming fourth and taking home nearly 20 grand is pretty amazing, when you think about it.

4. Jessica Wild: $38,000

Sorry but imagine winning a yearly salary for coming third on Drag Race? I have to wow. I love Jessica Wild so much and I wish she got to the top two.

3. Kandy Muse: $40,000

Only just earning more than Jessica is Kandy Muse, who placed second on All Stars 8 and won the third most amount of coins.

2. LaLa Ri: $75,500

Our crowned queen of the Fame Games finished All Stars 8 with $75,500. For context, that’s more than Bebe Zahara Benet, Tyra Sanchez and Raja earned for winning their seasons of Drag Race. Insane! She deserves her coin for sure.

1. Jimbo: $230,000

The season winner Jimbo won the big cash prize of $200,000 plus an extra $30,000 across the season. This makes Jimbo second to only Jinkx Monsoon for highest amount won on a singular Drag Race season.

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