Love Island 2023 Instagram followers

Ranked: Who from Love Island 2023 has the most Instagram followers so far?

No one is anywhere near one million

As the social media rules around Love Island have changed, the followers the Islanders receive have taken a substantial hit than in previous years. By this time in the competition, favourite Islanders would already have one million followers however this year’s crop of Islanders are no where near that amount.

Of course if you’re a super fan you will find your favourite Islander’s Instagram account and give them a follow, and their follower count is a good indication of just how loved by others they are too.

Here’s a ranking of each Islander’s follower count in the villa, with two weeks left of them being in the villa.

Lochan – 11.9k

Lochan is the least followed Islander at the moment with just under 12,000 followers. He is coupled up with Whitney, who is the fifth most followed Islander in the villa. Given Lochan started with 3,000 followers on Instagram, he’s doing pretty well.

Sammy – 39.7k

Sammy has been in the villa for quite some time and has amassed 39,700 followers on Instagram. He had just over 2,600 followers when he first joined the villa and his follower count will likely continue to grow.

Abi – 42.5k

Abi is the highest followed Casa Amor bombshell currently in the villa with 42,500 followers on Instagram. Abi was already a micro influencer, with her videos of her job as a flight attendant often going viral on TikTok.

Ella B – 45k

Ella B is the newest Islander in the villa and she currently has 45,000 followers on Instagram. Before she appeared on Love Island 2023, Ella had well over 25,000 Instagram followers from her work as a model and micro influencer.

Scott – 73.5k

Scott was a bombshell in the early Love Island 2023 days and even though he is loved by the public, he has 73,500 followers on Instagram.

Zachariah – 88.3k

OG Islander Zachariah currently has 88,300 followers on Instagram. While he has some truly stunning selfies on his Instagram, he also shares pictures and videos of him training in the gym.

Mitchel – 92.8k

Mitchel is just shy of 100,000 followers on Instagram and is currently sitting on an impressive 92,800.

Whitney – 173k

Whitney kicks off the six digit follower club with 173,000 followers on Instagram. Whitney has proved to be a favourite amongst the public following her and Lochan being voted the most popular Love Island 2023 couple.

Jess – 200k

OG girl Jess currently has 200,000 followers on Instagram and it’ll only continue to grow as she stays on the show. She is the fourth most followed Islander currently in the villa.

Tyrique – 207k

Tyrique takes the third spot on the most followed Islander podium with 207,000 Instagram followers. Tyrique already had an impressive following on Instagram given his work as a footballer.

Ella – 239k

Ella is the second most followed Islander in the villa with 239,000 followers. Ella had just over 13,000 followers on Instagram when she entered the villa and so it’s clear who the public are loving.

Molly – 308k

Molly was the highest followed Islander when she first stepped into the villa from her work as a YouTuber and influencer and her followers have only continued to grow. Molly has 308,000 Instagram followers and they are growing day by day.

All follower counts were correct at the time of publication.

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