Everything that’s emerged in the last 24 hours of the BBC presenter sex photo scandal

The mystery presenter is said to be ‘extremely angry’ about the allegations

A BBC presenter has been accused of paying for sexually explicit photos and in the last 24 hours, things have become a whole lot more complicated. The mystery presenter now faces four new allegations as well as their colleagues coming forward telling them to reveal their identity. Here’s a rundown of everything that has happened over the last 24 hours in the BBC sex photo scandal.

Messages from the BBC presenter scandal have been leaked

The suspended BBC presenter reportedly started a chat with a young follower from his Instagram account using love hearts and kisses in his messages, according to screenshots obtained by The Sun.

The BBC presenter reportedly ‘broke Covid lockdown laws’ to meet a second young person

BBC presenter name

In the last 24 hours, the BBC presenter has been accused of breaking the Covid lockdown laws by defying the third national lockdown to meet a young person from a dating site. Yesterday, The Sun reported on some messages which suggest the BBC presenter sent cash and asked for a picture, as well as visited the 23-year-old’s home.

The person who the mystery presenter met told The Sun: “The BBC were briefing the nation on the rules — when their star who was part of the institution was quite happy to break them.”

BBC mystery presenter could be sacked according to Jeremy Vine

The BBC presenter at the centre of recent claims about his private life could potentially be sacked following the fresh allegations, Jeremy Vine has said. Jeremy, who is unconnected to the claims, has said even if the presenter was sacked – it is likely he would still not be named by the BBC and therefore Vine urges the presenter to name himself.

Jeremy Vine said: “Look at the damage to the BBC, look at the damage to his friends. The idea that he could just remain anonymous forever, and then walk back into the building with his ID pass? Oh no, that’s not going to happen.”

The presenter is allegedly ‘extremely angry’ about the allegations

According to an ex-colleague, the unnamed BBC presenter at the heart of the scandal is “extremely angry” about the multiple allegations levied against him. Jon Sopel, who worked at the BBC for 16 years warned the star is increasingly “convinced” The Sun is trying to “dig and find new dirt.” Speaking on The News Agents Podcast, Jon said: “A number of people have been in touch with the presenter to say they feel righteous fury over the way The Sun has covered this and it is fair to say the presenter at the heart of this is also extremely angry over a lot of The Sun coverage. The person at the centre of this … is getting some support not just from the world of broadcast but from outside that as well. Surely, the onus has to be on The Sun now … put up or shut up – show us what you’ve got.”

What has the BBC said?

BBC presenter timeline

Yesterday, addressing the first set of claims, the BBC said a family member contacted the corporation in May and the BBC’s Corporate Investigations Team assessed that the claims did not include an allegation of criminality but nonetheless merited further investigation. Director-general, Tim Davie, announced he has ordered a review to “assess how some complaints are red flagged up the organisation”. Tim reported he was first informed of the allegations when The Sun revealed it would be publishing its front page story.

The corporation has also been asked to pause its internal investigation into the allegations “while the police scope future work” following a meeting with the Metropolitan Police.

A statement from the broadcaster said: “As a result of this meeting, the BBC has been asked to pause its investigations into the allegations while the police scope future work. The BBC has processes and protocols for receiving information and managing complaints when they are first made. We always take these matters extremely seriously and seek to manage them with the appropriate duty of care. The events of recent days have shown how complex and challenging these kinds of cases can be and how vital it is that they are handled with the utmost diligence and care. There will, of course, be lessons to be learned following this exercise.”

Rishi Sunak says the allegations are ‘shocking’ and ‘concerning’

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the initial allegations as “shocking” and “concerning” on the plane to the Nato summit on Tuesday.

Government minister Victoria Atkins told Sky News MPs should be very “careful” about using parliamentary privilege to identify the presenter, saying they had to remember the “huge responsibility” they have.

Priti Patel said: “The allegations, carried by The Sun, are absolutely horrendous. The BBC owes an explanation to the country who funded it and placed their trust in it.”

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