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Omg, Aaron Paul nearly played another major role in Black Mirror before Beyond The Sea

This is the weirdest thing to imagine

Beyond The Sea was far and away the greatest Black Mirror episode of season six, and most of that was down to Aaron Paul’s amazing performance. I mean, he’s amazing in everything he’s in – he really elevated it. But now my world is rocked to its core, because Aaron Paul has revealed he nearly had another major role in an earlier episode of Black Mirror that would have literally changed everything.

He was meant to be in USS Callister!

Yep, Aaron Paul was originally going to be in USS Callister – alongside fellow Breaking Bad alum Jesse Plemons! Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Paul said “Yeah, the entertainment industry is an interesting one. But once you get to know Charlie, you know that his word actually has weight to it. He was very excited that I wanted to do USS Callister as a sort of nod to any Breaking Bad fan. It’s a little Easter egg.

“But he’s known that I’ve been such a massive fan of Black Mirror since it started airing in the U.K., and I definitely made it known that it would be a dream to join the universe that he has created. And so I was happy that we were able to make it happen. We tried to make it happen last season, but scheduling just didn’t work out. And so I’m happy he continued to think of me.”

In USS Callister, Jesse Plemons plays a downtrodden genius game developer who claims back power by abusing sentient clones of his colleagues who he traps in a dev version of his hugely popular game. When he eventually got to Black Mirror, Aaron Paul played an astronaut who transferred his consciousness from his real body in a space station to an android replica on Earth.

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