Ronald Gladden Jury Duty now

Inside Ronald Gladden’s seriously fun celebrity life after getting pranked on Jury Duty

He’s been hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence!

It’s been two months since Ronald Gladden became an unsuspecting national treasure after exhibiting almost unheard of levels of kindness, generosity and patience while being pranked on the Amazon Freevee show Jury Duty by a team of improv actors and producers who staged an entire hoax legal trial to experiment on him.

And, while he’s still hanging out with his adorable dog Meatball almost every day, Ronald’s life has changed massively in other ways since he found out the absurd trial he was on the jury of was actually one big televised practical joke: “Full disclosure, my Instagram has blown up,” he told Variety of his newfound fame. “I cannot respond to every message, I’m literally getting thousands.”

So, in case you’re waiting for a DM reply from Ronald and are curious about what he’s up to other than answering fan mail, here’s a rundown of what his life looks like two months on from Jury Duty:

He’s spent all of the $100,000 Amazon gave him

When the cast of Jury Duty improv actors revealed to Ronald the entire court case he was involved in was a hoax, they also gifted him $100,000 for (unknowingly) taking part in the show with such kindness and good demeanour. And, speaking to Variety, Ronald revealed he’s already spent the $100,000:

“$100,000 is really not that much here in Southern California,” he said. “Like, I’m gonna pay a third of that to taxes instantly. And then we’re talking student loans. Surviving down here, I’ve got this little Corgi puppy now as well, too. So it’s really not gonna go that far.”

He has a cool fashion stylist and booking agent now

Ronald was never bad at dressing but he’s been looking seriously sharp as of late. And his stylist, Luca Kingston (who used to run the Gossip Girl wardrobe), is responsible for that. And Ronald needs to be looking good because he literally hasn’t stopped popping up on TV since Jury Duty ended – thanks to his new LA talent management team: Artists First. This man has gone full showbiz! And, you know what, good for him.

He’s been hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence and loads of other celebrities

Although Ronald still might not consider himself a celebrity, he’s been hanging out with loads of famous faces. Actual A-listers, like Jennifer Lawrence, Ted Danson, Adam Devine, and (of course) James Marsden.

“I had never personally met a really famous person,” he told Variety of his new famous friends. “I’ve been to their shows, I’ve seen performances, but I’ve never personally met them. So in the beginning, James ruined all those people for me. Anybody famous, James ruined them. I was like, ‘This is apparently just what they’re all like.’ So after I found out that wasn’t who he really was, it was just a huge sigh of relief.”

He’s secured huge brand deals alongside Ryan Reynolds

This is smart marketing. I would, personally, buy a phone plan from both of them x

He still hangs out with the other jurors from Jury Duty

In immediate interviews after Jury Duty ended, the cast revealed they still met up for drinks and attended each other’s birthdays, which is (obv) adorable. And, two months on from when the show aired, they’re still hanging out more than ever. They’re going bowling in Hollywood, hosting pop up taco trucks to meet fans. Love, love, love.

He’s decided to stay in showbiz for the foreseeable future

It couldn’t be more clear: Ronald Gladden didn’t choose a life of fame— a life of fame chose him. And, although he used to keep a quiet life working in Home Depot, Ronald has revealed he likes the showbiz world he’s been thrust into and plans to keep his on-screen career going for at least a little while longer.

“I would love to be on something else,” he told Variety. “Everybody asked me, ‘Do you want to do stuff after this?’ And I always tell them, ‘If you would have asked me this before this experience, I would have given you a resounding no, I have zero desire to be in this world.’ But now that I’ve had such a fantastic introduction, I’m not opposed to staying in it.”