Black Mirror Beyond the Sea plot hole

Everyone’s noticed a major plot hole in Black Mirror’s Beyond The Sea and I’m shook

How was this overlooked!?

Black Mirror season six is a mixed bag for sure, but one episode as fans we’re all almost unanimously in agreement about loving is the middle episode – Beyond The Sea. The episode is a true highlight of the season, but that’s not stopped some fans discovering a major plot hole that takes the shine out of it all a bit. Now I know this plot hole, I can’t help but air the Black Mirror ep Beyond The Sea with a bit of bombastic side eye.

What’s the episode about?

Beyond The Sea is the most star-studded ep of the season, with Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett and Kate Mara taking lead roles in a story set in an alternate 1969 where two astronauts are up in space with replica android versions of themselves back at home on earth, where they use a key to switch their consciousness between their replica and real bodies.

The plot hole

One fan pointed out the biggest thing though, that could have literally prevented all the horror of the episode, saying “In the Beyond the Sea ep of black mirror season six, If a perfect robot situation could be made of a person WHY would they send the person to space but keep the robot thing on earth?”

It’s a good point, but there are some counter arguments for it. One is that, as one fan says, “It’s pretty obvious. If you spend billions on a space mission and the link somehow fails you have no way of continuing the mission and all money is lost. If the link fails on Earth at least you can continue the mission.”

Another reason is that the replicas are made of metal and in the episode Cliff and David take all metal items off themselves before going out of the airlock into space and the replicas would simply not survive. A big plot hole in Black Mirror Beyond the Sea at first glance, but one that’s undone when you think a bit more.

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