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Ollie says he would return to MAFS Australia if he could give it a ‘Love Island spin’

I need Ollie to narrate my wedding ASAP

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 groom Ollie Skelton has said he would return to the show on one particular condition.

The groom, who was matched with Tahnee on the series, said he’d return so long as he’d be able to narrate the show.

“Hell yes I’d return as the narrator,” he told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “I don’t think they’d do it but that would be funny. Only if I can give it a little Love Island spin, just watered down. That guy’s crazy, he’s very funny though.”

The current MAFS Australia narrator, Georgie Gardner, would often make cheeky comments about Ollie and Tahnee along with the other couples.

“Sometimes that narrator would get you with a little zing,” he said. “[She would say things like], ‘As Tahnee and Ollie figure out where Fiji is’. Like, hey!”

Ollie is a whizz at the microphone and has recently launched his own podcast, TOSSER off the back of his MAFS Australia success. Ollie told Yahoo he’s aware of the “wacko stereotype” of reality TV stars releasing podcasts but he will happily play into it.

“I was like, if I was to do it, it’s got to be ironic in a way that this is exactly what everybody expects you to do. So kind of taking the mick out of it. In between [when the show finished filming and started airing] I was like, I’ve been gifted this exposure and this audience, is there anything that I can do or something that I am passionate about?

“And I’ve got a degree in journalism and broadcasting so I thought, why the hell not?” Ollie described the podcast as more of himself and his friends spending time together rather than an interview type podcast.

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