Tommy Fury played horrendously in Soccer Aid yesterday and these clips from Twitter prove it

I’m not convinced he’s ever kicked a football in his life

In case you missed it, Tommy Fury played in Soccer Aid yesterday after being promoted as one of the biggest names to be playing this year. But he played horrendously and I fear he can never show his face at a football pitch again, even Molly-Mae said he didn’t do anything to help his team win.

The reactions and clips shared on Twitter have been jokes, everyone is ripping into him for being bad at football. Here’s a few highlights and clips of what he was like at playing.

1. Why is he like this?

2. Not this

3. Loooool

4. Respectfully why was he either jumping or just on the floor?

5. True

6. Not KSI tweeting hahaha

7. Not this AGAIN

8. Thank god it was a charity match

9. Good one!

10. Someone doesn’t get the 24 hours joke but good attempt

11. Molly-Mae’s burner

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