People on Twitter are sharing the worst way they got dumped and honestly, it’s brutal

Imagine getting a breakup text from your boyfriend as he lies next to you x

Relationships are tricky, they’re messy, and unfortunately for every one of us actively dating at the moment, they don’t always work out. Breakups absolutely suck, and they’re even worse when the other person chooses to do the deed at the most inconvenient time, or worse, the most inconvenient method possible.

When someone on Twitter asked people for the worst ways they’ve been dumped, it started a thread that could make anyone that read it physically cringe. This is for anyone who was broken up with by their significant other’s friend on the playground, or by email over the pandemic: we’re all with you in solidarity.

1. I would literally rather be anyone other than the friend.

2. Losing your car and your girlfriend in one night is *the worst*

3. Imagine being on a submarine, dreaming of your person, and coming back to this

4. Playground romances forever broke us

5. Just checking in with your ex to make sure they’re ok

6. Perhaps a bit extreme when you have a child

7. Ah yes, of course, the classic

8. The timing of this seems a little off

9. The ultimate red flag is when his MUM breaks up with him for you

10. Parental problems? The natural solution is to break up with the SO that they like

11. The laughter though

12. The psychic needs to answer some questions

13. Cringe supreme

14. No comments, just apologies

15. I hope you at least like Tom Hardy?

16. That moment when you need to comfort them but they don’t know they need comforting yet

17. The worst method possible, of course

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