The Islanders gave it a go, so what actually is the lotus sex position?

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On tonight’s Love Island, the Islanders were given a sex position challenge, and one they had to try and recreate was called the lotus. They gave it a good shot, I have to hand it to them.

The Islanders gathered around the firepit to play a game of ‘Ready, Sex, Go’. The rules of the game were as follows – a sex position was announced and two couples raced to be the first to demonstrate it. The couple that gave the most accurate demonstration got to read out a dare before selecting the Islander of their choice to complete it.

One of the sex positions featured is “the lotus” – but did the Islanders nail it?

What actually is the lotus sex position?

They gave it a good go on Love Island, but obviously they were very rushed, so here’s a full explanation of what the lotus sex position should be. It includes a man sitting crossed legged, with his partner perched on the top. The lotus is a meditative position, which the sexual position looks similar to.

The two involved are face to face, making it a very intense and close position. There are a few variations to the lotus, including the draped lotus, the chair lotus and the reverse lotus. The chair and the reverse lotus are probably the easiest, with the chair just being the same but with one person sat on a chair, and the reverse meaning you don’t sit face to face.

Are there pros and cons to the lotus sex position?

Obviously, the main pro of this position is how intense it is. However, the main con is that it requires lots of balance.


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