The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit

The Sims 4 Grunge Revival kit is here, and it’s actually a huge win for the rock chicks

All we need now is Smells Like Teen Spirit in Simlish

Quietly released at the end of last week, the latest Sims 4 kit is out – and it’s against all odds a pretty decent one! EA have never really been particularly relaxed in the speed and quantity they’ve churned out Sims 4 DLC, to the point it’s got pretty overwhelming and you can easily get swamped when trying to figure out what packs you want. Love them or hate them, kits – with their small price point and hyper fixated content – can be cash grabby or ideal. For me, if it’s a clothing theme I like they’re kind of perfect. I only have to spend a few quid and I get loads of CAS in a theme I like! Such is the case with the new Grunge Revival kit for The Sims 4 – which adds a load of new Create a Sim clothing that really brings a new vibe to the game.

What’s in Grunge Revival?

The Sims 4 Grunge Revival kit lets you live your best rock chick life with 90s inspired fits and styles that feel like they’re straight out of an indie movie. There are lots of layers going on, oversized fits and new tattoos, scrunchy bracelets, denim, dungaree dresses and beanies. Most of the stuff is unisex – because rock chicks don’t give a fuck if they wear mens clothes or not and vice versa. You get 25 new CAS pieces with this kit.

There are some really cool tie dye fits and even some vests that work good as basics out of the realm of grunge in some swatches, so there’s kind of something for everyone. It’s actually one of my favourite CAS Kits in a while – I like the theme and despite similarities to some of the clothing in the Werewolves game pack I think it’s good you can get this vibe without investing in a supernatural pack if you’re not that kind of player.


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