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Here’s when I Kissed a Boy actually all comes to an end

I’m not ready!!!

I Kissed a Boy, the UK’s first ever gay dating show airing right now on BBC Three and iPlayer, has taken over my life. Nobody really knew how it was all going to go down, but the Dannii Minogue vehicle that shoves a load of gays into an Italian masseria has been some of the best British reality TV in years. The show’s been out for six episodes now, and we’ve been through the ringer with splits, romance blossoming and sneaky snogs on terraces. It’s even had a Housewives style dinner party explosion of arguing – what more could you ask for. But when does I Kissed a Boy end its final episode, and how many episodes are even in the season? We’ve got you covered.

Monday June 3rd 🙁

Yep, it all comes to an end this Monday! BBC Three has been airing two episodes at a time on Sundays and Mondays at 9pm, but sadly this show is only eight episodes a season and it will all come to a close on Monday night. The final episode looks to have some form of commitment ceremony in front of the contestants loved ones, so we’ll see how that goes down!

This week, it was also confirmed a reunion special is coming too – that will air on the 11th June and Dannii Minogue will be on board to host and get more goss. There’s three more episodes technically then before I Kissed a Boy comes to an end for the season. Gutted, but much more drama to be had yet!


I Kissed a Boy continues Sunday and Monday at 9pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.

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