James Arthur transformation

A look at the huge transformation James Arthur has had since he won The X Factor

He beat Jahméne 10 years ago and has been annoying us with his songs ever since

The X factor has churned out a plethora of hitmakers in the years it dominated the charts and our tellies, and hardly any of them have been so inexplicably prolific as James Arthur. Since he beat Jahméne Douglas to the win in 2012 (clearly Nicole Scherzinger pinching Jahméne’s mic in their finale duet didn’t go over too well with audiences), James Arthur has seen a huge amount of chart success with his very specific bland of beige guitar music. The public have lapped it up, and he’s now celebrating 10 years of ‘hits’. But it’s alas not his chart hits that’s got tongues wagging these last couple of days, nobody can believe the plastic surgery transformation of James Arthur after his recent TV appearance.

How he looked on his first audition 

For his first audition, The Arthur looked really unassuming. Just a random fella who can sing a bit, which of course The X factor laps up because their whole vibe is making superstars out of the lad next door.

The X factor transformation 

By the time James Arthur had won The X Factor, he’d already had a huge transformation into a much more polished looking pop star. Nobody works harder than the hair and makeup team ITV had roped in back in the day. He looked good for it, to be honest.


Popping on Lorraine to talk about his decade of hits, nobody could believe how different James Arthur looked after a 10 year transformation. Long hair and a face that looks a drastic different shape. To me, he’ll always just be the man who said Rita Ora turned him into a sex addict. Weird times.


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