Billionaire client Adam Weitsman on Selling Sunset on Netflix

Who is Adam Weitsman? Bre’s billionaire client in this season of Selling Sunset

He’s spent time in jail!

There have been a few wealthy buyers over the years of Selling Sunset, and the latest season showed us a billionaire called Adam interested in buying a gorgeous home in Los Angeles.

You might remember one of the biggest beefs this season (there were many) was between Emma and Bre, when it looked as though Emma might have “stolen” Bre’s billionaire client. They had a slinging match, before deciding it was probably a big misunderstanding and moving on.

But, who was the billionaire in question, and most importantly how did he make all of his money? Here’s everything we know about billionaire Adam Weitsman, who appeared in season six of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

Adam was looking at a $25million home on Selling Sunset

On Selling Sunset, Adam was being shown around a huge mansion on N Stanley Avenue, in Los Angeles. It has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and is spread over a huge 10.3k square feet. The house was priced at a hefty $24,995,000 – which would have pocketed The Oppenheim Group and agent Bre just shy of $750k in commission.

According to some listings, the house is still up for sale, so it doesn’t look as though Adam ended up purchasing it after all.

Adam is a billionaire, and earned his money through his scrap metal company

Adam is a pretty big deal, with his own Wiki page and all. He’s an entrepreneur, the owner and CEO of Upstate Shredding – Weitsman Recycling, a scrap metal processing company based in New York.

In 2021, Adam launched a crypto mining company, Viridium LLC, and as of 2022, he is a billionaire. According to reports, his exact net worth is $1.5billion – so yeah, comfortably over the threshold.

He’s married, sorry

If you fancied yourself as marrying a billionaire and living it up in the LA Hills, you’ll have to keep looking. Adam Weitsman has been married to his wife, Kim, since 2006. They share three children together and have invested in real estate in Skaneateles, New York.

Way before Selling Sunset and becoming a billionaire, Adam spent some time in prison

A billionaire and a bad boy, Adam is them both. He was sentenced for cheque kiting in 2004, paid a $1million fine and served eight months in prison. Cheque kiting is a type of fraud, where you use floats to create non-existent funds.

He’s since reinvented himself and his companies have won awards, including winning Scrap Company of the Year multiple times. He and his wife have also been involved in charity work, such as donating some company profits to charities and donating his stoneware collection to a New York museum.

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