I'm A Celeb iconic moments

Strawberries and screams: Every iconic moment the I’m A Celeb All Stars cast are known for

Amir Khan still gets gifted strawberries!

I’m A Celebrity wouldn’t be what is without producing some of the most viral moments the British public will simply never forget. This year’s All Stars cast will be creating some even more world class memes this time round in the jungle but a lot of them are already well known for some absolute hilarious moments on their respective seasons.

Each campmate on this year’s show has a moment from their previous season that’ll live with them and on the internet forever, and in case you’re in need of a refresher, here is a look back on the iconic moment each I’m A Celeb All Stars campmate is best known for.

Paul Burrell

I'm A Celeb iconic moments

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Back in 2004, Paul Burrell won the hearts of the nations for his screams during a sordid bushtucker trial. During the Hell Holes trial, Paul did not stop screaming and his reactions were valid given he had rats crawling around his hands and it became one of the most iconic moments in I’m A Celeb history.

The faces he pulled were gold standard and something a lot of OG I’m A Celebrity viewers will not and should not ever forget.

Amir Khan

I'm A Celeb iconic moments

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Amir Khan became part of the I’m A Celebrity hall of fame in 2017 when he stole the camp’s prize and lied about it.

One of the most iconic moments in I’m A Celeb history is when Amir Khan and Iain Lee won  strawberries and cream for the camp. The pair were so hungry they decided to eat it themselves. They went back to the came and lied about winning the fruit.

Despite being dubbed as selfish for what he did, he said: “I don’t regret one bit for what I did. I was starving at the time, and it was fun and boisterous! It caused a lot of commotion in camp, but I couldn’t believe how big it became in the UK!

“Still to this day, I get people talking about it and coming over to me with gifts of strawberry bowls.”

Fatima Whitbread

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Fatima was in the jungle 11 years ago and no one can forget the time she had a cockroach stuck in her nose. After telling producers she had it stuck in her nose, one quick blow and it shot right out.

She recently admitted she put the cockroach in wax and still has it to this day. Fatima said: “LB I call him because at the time he was a little b*****d. That was a scary moment, they edited it I know. It was up there for 20 minutes.” I can’t image anything worse!

“It took 20 minutes and three rounds of solutions to flush it out. It shot out of my mouth and he hit the ground running like an Olympic cockroach, but I got it,” she continued.

Shaun Ryder

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Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder was originally on I’m A Celebrity in 2010 and came runner-up to Stacey Solomon.

One moment Shaun is probably best known for was eating a lot of animal penises and eyeballs during a bushtucker trial. The food trial is one no one is too keen on but it did not turn Shaun off.

“I didn’t want to go home the last time I did I’m A Celebrity in 2010,” Shaun said. “I could have stayed another year in Australia.” Each to their own!

Janice Dickinson

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Supermodel Janice Dickinson says her favourite moment from I’m A Celebrity was seeing Dec every week and she even flirted with him a fair few times.

She came in second place back in 2007 and was famously bitten by a rat and attacked by a bird which has led to her fear of both rats and birds.

“I was scared they were going to peck my eyes out or something. I was sleeping under my sleeping bag with the zipper all the way up to my head, feeling that something’s going to crawl into my bed at night,” Janice said.

Phil Tufnell

I'm A Celeb iconic moments

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Phil won the show back in 2003 and is back for his crown 20 years later. He is probably best known for bossing absolutely bossing every trial he ever did which makes sense given he was crowned King of the Jungle.

During his time on the show, he won 17 out of 20 stars for the camp and did six trials over the course of the competition. Will be the same all these years later?

Jordan Banjo

I'm A Celeb iconic moments

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Jordan Banjo was in the jungle back in 2016 and was forced to face his worst fear… snakes. In on challenge he had to stick his head in a box while a massive snake was hissing inside. He is still afraid of snakes so who knows if the All Stars series will help him overcome his fear.

Helen Flanagan

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Helen is probably best known for completely very little challenges. She won 17 out of 52 stars on her season, largely because she kept saying: “I’m a celebrity get me out of here now”. With a 10 year difference, Helen could earn a ton more stars this time round.

Carol Vorderman

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Carol bossed absolutely everything on her season of I’m A Celebrity. Her iconic I’m A Celeb moments are when she won 19 out of 20 stars in 2016 and that’s because she was quite literally afraid of nothing.

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