Drag Race queens quit

A rundown of all the Drag Race queens who have quit drag since they were on the show

Season 15’s Princess Poppy is the latest

Not every queen who goes onto RuPaul’s Drag Race ends up having the best time – and some of them eventually fall out of love with the art of performing in drag all together. Here’s a quick rundown of queens from the Drag Race franchise who no longer perform as the drag personas they hit the public eye as, and their reasons for deciding to quit and leave it all behind.

Rebecca Glasscock

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Coming third on the very first season of Drag Race, Rebecca Glasscock infamously walked in wearing jeans (which was replicated perfectly at the season 15 reunion) and ruffled feathers from her fellow queens who thought she wasn’t ready to be competing. Since the show, Javier Rivera (the man behind the persona) has retired the character, but is still active on socials. And, if we’re honest, is a liccle bit fit.

James Ross, King Tyra – FKA Tyra Sanchez

James Ross quit the Tyra Sanchez character and refused and retired from being associated with the show several years ago. As of September 2022, James Ross announced he would be returning with the name King Tyra and set up an OnlyFans for the new venture.

As of writing this, James has just done a big podcast appearance talking about quitting Tyra Sanchez and his experiences in the franchise – you can watch the full thing here.

Carmen Carrera

Since her transition, Carmen Carrera has quit drag and now focuses on living her authentic self as a fitness influencer and model – she’s killing it on Instagram and looks absolutely amazing.

Alisa Summers

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Alisa Summers, the first queen to sashay away from season four of Drag Race, is one of the queens here whose reasons for deciding to quit are largely unknown. She’s no longer in the public eye and doesn’t have a profile even out of drag.

Kenya Olivera, AKA Kenya Michaels

Kenya Michaels transitioned after her time on season four, and now she’s retired the persona completely and just goes by Kenya Olivera. She has nearly 100k on Instagram, where she’s still active.

Monica Beverly Hillz

Monica famously came out as trans during filming season five of Drag Race, and she is now one of the queens who has left the drag behind to focus on being an activist and model.

Vivienne Pinay

Since becoming one of the first queens to ever go home in a double sashay away, Vivienne Pinay has vanished from social media and hasn’t posted on Instagram since 2016. Her last picture is the above out of drag one.

Honey Mahogany

Since retiring her drag persona and transitioning, Honey Mahogany is now actively campaigning as a politician in San Francisco.

Ivy Winters

Ivy Winters, who won season five’s coveted Miss Congeniality accolade, has now binned off the drag to live a very cottagecore Insta life where Ivy declares to be a lover of all things handmade and grown. Ivy still uses a picture in drag as their Insta pic, though.

Reynolds Engelhart, FKA Magnolia Crawford

Season six’s Magnolia Crawford has since left the persona behind, but is still active on social media under his out of drag name Reynolds Engelhart. And yep, he’s still quite sexy.

Robbie Turner

Drag Race queens quit

A bit of a weird one: Robbie Turner said in 2018 she’d been in a car crash with an Uber driver who died but she made it out with a few scratches. Then a few days later, Uber announced this never happened and no driver had died. Robbie subsequently posted a huge statement and then hasn’t been seen publicly since, and hasn’t returned to drag.

Princess Poppy

Drag Race queens quit

Since being eliminated from season 15, Princess Poppy said the following in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “I want to fall off the face of the planet. I don’t want to be famous. I want to fade into obscurity. That’s not a bad thing. I think people put so much emphasis on success and fame, and it’s okay to not want to be famous. It’s totally valid to not want to be known by a bunch of people. That’s just not what I want. I don’t want that for my life.”

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