Sixth formers are using a TikTok filter to decide which uni to go to and I’m officially done

Who needs UCAS when you’ve got TikTok?


Move over UCAS – sixth formers up and down the country are now using a TikTok filter to decide what uni they should go to and even what course they should study. It’s 100 per cent scientific and obviously totally cool and normal.

Remember those love calculators you used to use in primary school, where you’d put in your name along with the person you fancied to find out if the two of you were actually soulmates, just to realise you were only seven per cent compatible? It’s basically that, but slightly more grown-up.

One TikTok user, Ellie, has had over 200k views on her TikTok video trying to decide between Durham and Edinburgh. Helpfully, the filter it told her she was 92 per cent compatible with Durham and 91 per cent compatible with Edinburgh.

Another user found out they are only 47 per cent compatible with Leeds (apparently) but 96 per cent with Newcastle. Better get updating those UCAS choices girlies!

People are also using the filter to find out what course they should study at uni, with one TikTok user trying to choose between teaching, psychology and microbiology, and another between biology and art:

Okay so how do I get the TikTok filter to decide what uni I should go to?

1. Head to TikTok or go to this video, and click on the Love Tester filter that’s linked on it

2. Then you need to decide on a couple of unis or courses you’re choosing between, so you know what you’re putting into the filter

3. Click “use filter”, and put in your name and the names of the unis you’re thinking about. Then let the filter work its magic and see what you’re most compatible with

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