Luca Bish new girlfriend

Inside Luca Bish’s single life – nine months on from his chaotic split with Gemma Owen

He’s actually slaying on Celebrity MasterChef


It’s been nine months since Gemma Owen announced her break up from Luca Bish while he was taking a nap. It went down in history as one of the most savage Love Island break-up stories of all time. But, now the dust has settled, we’ve found ourselves creeping back over to Luca’s Instagram page to see what he’s doing with his single life because he’s actually sort of slaying on Celebrity MasterChef right now and, honestly— we’re intrigued.

So in case you’ve also been curious about Luca’s post-Gemma existence, here’s everything he’s been doing since they decided to go their separate ways aside from making Gregg Wallace and John Torode beam with pride:

He made a BBC show in Wales and got roasted for it

In one of his first TV ventures since Love Island, Luca took part in a show called Mwy na Daffs a Taffs, designed to get him immersed in Welsh culture. He learnt some Welsh words, played at Wrexham football club and shared his original assumptions about the country – one of which was Wales was basically just a small part of England. Oh.

“When you think of Wales and it being a country, I think – yes, they are their own country but I do think of it as a small part of England,” he said before adding: “My only connection to Wales would be, growing up I used to support Tottenham and Gareth Bale played for them. And I listen to Tom Jones here and there.” A multicultural king.

He’s started to DJ…with Patsy Palmer

Obviously, when you split with someone you have to throw yourself into new hobbies. And Luca was seen DJing at a charity event in February alongside EastEnders’ Patsy Palmer. Arguably the most unexpected two worlds to collide ever, Luca and Patsy are actually so close he even calls her his auntie. What is going on?

It turns out, Patsy is a friend of Luca’s family and he told a reporter at the time: “She’s just a really close family friend. Obviously, she’s in Malibu now so not as close but she’s a very close family friend. My parents are always calling her back and forth.”

He’s been hanging out with Ron from Winter Love Island

In your single era, you spend a lot of time with your mates. But nobody expected Luca to be hanging out with winter Love Island contestant Ron as soon as he was back from South Africa. They could have bonded over being the villa villain of their season, or maybe Essex really is just that small of a world.

“Think its best we don’t talk about how we played today,” Ron wrote in his caption. “I taught @lucabish a thing or two about golf.”

Fans thought he was dating his mum

Aside from rumours circulating about getting back together with Gemma, there’s been very little update about Luca’s romantic life over the past five months. He seems to mostly chill out and keep things low-key at home. No partying, no revenge posts. Nothing to analyse at all. Which is why, it was especially hilarious when hundreds of fans commented on a photo of Luca and his mum skiing thinking it was Gemma. We’re living in a Freudian hellscape. Hopefully, his next girlfriend is blonde.

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