Married at First Sight Australia scripted

Leaked texts and producer encouragement: Just how staged is Married at First Sight Australia?

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Season 10 of Married at First Sight Australia has been so messy and it has been more chaotic than ever before. Viewers have been following these couples every week as they prepare to make a decision that’ll change their lives forever, but just how authentic is it?

Over the years, former Married at First Sight Australia cast members have denounced the idea of the show being scripted, but a whole lot has changed with this year’s season. From voice notes being leaked to cast members calling out their portrayal on the show, just how staged is Married at First Sight Australia?

Bronte’s leaked voice notes suggested she knew who her husband was going to be

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Everyone felt for Bronte when it was revealed to her that Harrison had someone waiting for him on the outside, but it has since come to light that not everything is as it seemed.

A series of leaked voice notes suggest Bronte actually knew Harrison was going onto the show and all about his promises. A month before she filmed the show, Bronte sent a bunch of voice notes to her friend Jessica, the same guest who supposedly revealed to Bronte Harrison’s secret.

In one of the voice notes, Jess is heard telling Bronte about Harrison’s “21-year-old girlfriend”, and Bronte responds by saying she will “play this up like crazy”.

In another voice note, Bronte says: “Oh my god. I’m actually triggered. Like, what am I supposed to do? Like, if one of the other girls gets him, I’m dead.”

“[Abby is] 21? That’s f***ing nine years younger than me. Eight years. I can’t do math. What the f**k,” she continues. “Well, you know what? If he is my match, I’m going to f**king play that to my advantage. Like, holy sh*t. Oh my god.”

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Bronte has since admitted it was her in the voice recordings, but maintained that she did not know Harrison was going to be her husband on the show. During an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, she said: “I never actually got told Harrison’s name before the wedding.

“When I was getting these messages from so-called friends, I thought, ‘If I get this guy, I can have the upper hand and know what he’s like. My face and reactions to Harrison at the altar were legit. I don’t think that’s the face of somebody who knew that information. I’m definitely not an actor.”

Jesse has claimed producers asked him to write the infamous ick list

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Jesse became everyone’s least favourite groom when he read out his icks from a list. Some of these icks included “star sign chicks” and “chicks who pout”. Jesse has since claimed it wasn’t his idea to write the list, but was encouraged to do so by show producers.

Speaking on the So Dramatic podcast, Jesse said: “I sat in an interview for two hours. I told producers about my entire life, and they picked 30 seconds where I pulled out a list that they asked me to write.”

Jesse admitted all the things he listed he didn’t find attractive in women, he just didn’t like it was called an ick list. Sure Jan!

Former cast members have said Married at First Sight Australia isn’t scripted… sometimes

Former Married at First Sight Australia star Olivia Frazer has said there isn’t a “physical script” when filming the show but admitted the cast are told to rephrase sentences to make them sound more clear. In an Instagram Q&A, she said: “You have to repeat back the questions producers ask you, which is why it sometimes sounds scripted.”

MAFS Australia 2019 star Sam Ball admitted his ‘affair’ was fake and an editing fail proved him right

Married at First Sight Australia scripted

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One of the most wild storylines on Married at First Sight Australia back in 2019 was Sam’s affair with Ines, but he has since claimed it was all fake and even proved it with an editing blunder.

When the Australian season began to air in the UK, Sam cleared up any confusion viewers had about the supposed affair. In an Instagram comment, Sam wrote: ‘Sorry, this is TV. [The affair] didn’t happen. If you notice Ines’ change of apparel in the edit, night and morning, that will be a good reference point.”

Sam was referring to the editing fail on Married at First Sight Australia which saw Ines waking up in different coloured underwear at different points.

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