MAFS Australia star sign compatibility

Here’s how compatible the MAFS Australia couples actually are, based on their star signs

Jesse is punching the air right now

Star signs offers a lot of insight into a person and a lot of people take it as gospel as to who they should date and be friends with.

Some of the Married at First Sight Australia cast have already shown they’re not the best fit for each other based on their differing personalities and wandering eyes. So just how well matched are the couples based on their star signs alone? Here are the star signs of all the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 couples, proving just how compatible they are.

Jesse and Claire

Star signs: Cancer and Sagittarius

Jesse made it clear on his wedding that he wasn’t a fan of star signs but he eventually came around for Claire. Jesse is a Cancer and Claire is a Sagittarius and they have a nine per cent love compatibility rate, according to Astrotalk. Yikes!

According to Astrotalk, a Cancer and Sagittarius love match will need to be “patient and give the relationship time to grow and mature.” “As it develops, each love partner will discover that they have much to offer one another.”

Sandy and Dan

Star signs: Capricorn and Libra

Sandy and Dan got off on the right foot on their wedding day but their relationship didn’t end well after Dan said he wasn’t sexually attracted to her, and they left the experiment. Sandy is a Capricorn and Dan is a Libra.

Surprisingly, a Capricorn and a Libra have a 20 per cent love compatibility rate, but that clearly wasn’t enough for Sandy and Dan. “Libra and Capricorn love matches occur to form a complicated relationship. They have the potential to make a fair decent couple but they need to put massive efforts into it for that to happen,” says Astrotalk.

Cameron and Lyndall

Star signs – Virgo and Aquarius

Cameron and Lyndall hit it off straight away and things seemed to be going their way. Cameron is a Virgo and Lyndall is an Aquarius and they have a a 36 per cent love compatibility rating. Their star signs also have a nine per cent sexual compatibility rating.

When a Virgo and an Aquarius fall in love, their personalities can either “crash or thrive” due to their different perspectives on life. According to Astrotalk: “A Virgo and Aquarius couple can bring out the best versions of each other just as easily as they can bring out the worse.”

Bronte and Harrison

Star signs: Scorpio and Capricorn

Bronte and Harrison have a 33 per cent love compatibility rating based on their star signs. With Bronte being a Scorpio, she has “lofty visions and relies on Capricorn as an emotional anchor,” Astrotalk says.

“These two may be wary about sharing themselves with one another at first, and this emotional caution may dampen the initial impact of this relationship. Though they may be shy of getting involved and not the quickest to trust and share, these two signs will discover that they can have quite a profound connection – one of friendship and deep loyalty.”

Tahnee and Ollie

Star signs: Taurus and Scorpio

Tahnee and Ollie are the youngest couple to ever get hitched on Married at First Sight Australia and have the third highest rated love compatibility. The Taurus and Scorpio duo have a 83 per cent love compatibility rating based on their star signs.

“The two signs are highly possessive as they merge their lives so wholly with their loved ones,” Astrotalk explains. “A Taurus and Scorpio couple has a persona that passes as a fixed and self-contained sign of rooting in. Taurus and Scorpio love compatibility is potentially solid as they both help each other grow and involves immense trust with mutual goals.”

Josh and Melissa

Star signs: Libra and Aquarius

Melissa and Josh were one of the final two couples to have their wedding on Married at First Sight Australia and happen to have the second highest love compatibility rating of 85 per cent. Their star signs have the best compatibility in the zodiac, according to Astrotalk.

The website reads: “When these two come together, they uplift their souls and help each other out at every juncture of their lives. Both being air signs, they can connect on a much higher level than most other star signs.”

Melinda and Layton

Star signs: Libra and Taurus

MAFS Australia cast members Melinda and Layton have a fairly average star sign compatibility. Their star signs love to be in love but not so much each other according to Astrotalk. They have a 37 per cent love compatibility rating due to each sign finding it difficult to find love in each other.

“On one side, both are foodies, love romanticism and appreciate the luxuries around and with them,” Astrotalk explains. “While on the other hand, unrealistic expectations regarding each other make them clash more often.”

Caitlin and Shannon

Star signs: Leo and Aries

You wouldn’t believe that Caitlin and Shannon are the most compatible couple based on their star signs out of the entire Married at First Sight Australia cast. With Caitlin being a Leo and Shannon an Aries, they are “extremely compatible signs”. Their star signs have an 89 per cent love compatibility rating,

According to Astrotalk, their signs “share a great understanding and are eternally ready to complement each other across domains with love being no exception.”

Adam and Janelle

Star signs: Taurus and Aries

MAFS Australia cast members Adam and Janelle have a pretty high star sign compatibility. Adam and Janelle didn’t get off the best start on their wedding day but they could genuinely make things work if their star sign rating is anything to go by. Adam and Janelle’s star signs have a 65 per cent love compatibility rating but they are “rarely compatible”, according to Astrotalk.

The website resads: “Aries and Taurus are rarely compatible with each other. The association of a Taurus man and Aries woman, or vice versa, could only operate if the two work very hard to find their passage towards a successful relationship.”

Duncan and Alyssa

Star signs: Capricorn and Leo

MAFS Australia stars Alyssa and Duncan have a low star sign compatibility rating, with 27 per cent. Despite the two signs being ones that love had, it often works against them because of their different personalities.

“The most wonderful thing about a Leo and Capricorn relationship is that they have immense love for each other when they get together,” Astrotalk explains. “The only reason Leo and Cancer get together is because of their overflowing love for one another. The worst thing about a Leo and Scorpio couple is that this love works against their relationship.”

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