Love Island winners Kai and Sanam share incredibly wholesome way they’re spending the £50k

I actually want to cry I love them so much

On Monday night, we welcomed new winners of Love Island. With that they won the show’s £50k prize fund, and in their first interview since being crowned Love Island 2023 champions, Kai and Sanam have shared exactly what they plan to do with it.

Since meeting in Casa Amor, the pair have won more than money. They’ve won our hearts, and took the crown with over 40 per cent of the votes cast in the final.

In their first interview they said it was “a bit of a shock” to be named winners and take the money, but have said they both want to do exactly the same thing with the cash. Sanam said they want to plan their first holiday together, and Kai added: “I want to go to Italy. I want to go to the Amalfi Coast. Sanam wants to go to Santorini!”

Talking about the rest of the Love Island prize fund,  Kai and Sanam said they plan to be “sensible” and want to start a business based around the work they do for children. Whilst on the show, the pair bonded over their similar caring careers – Kai is a school teacher and Sanam is a children’s social worker.

“Before I came in here I wanted to start up a business and help kids get into physical activity,” Kai said. “I don’t want to turn my back on teaching, working with young kids and think I will use some of that [the money] to do that. I am not sure yet in what capacity.”

Love Island winners Kai and Sanam spending the prize fund

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Sanam added: “That’s similar to me. I came from social work – working with children who have been adopted. I know that sometimes in my area there can be limited services, so for me I want to be able to do something to aid and support them, being an advocate for them.”

“Both our careers were pretty similar when we came in here,” Kai said. “The conversations we had and the reasons why we were doing them were very similar.”

This is honestly so cute I might melt. I really thought I couldn’t love these two any more.

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