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This is what all the Love Island 2023 contestants do, according to their LinkedIns

Casey has been endorsed for communication but I’m not sure Claudia would agree x

It’s pretty clear that most contestants on Love Island are gunning for a career as an influencer. As soon as they’re dumped from the show and touch back down in Heathrow, they’re greeted with an influx of brand deal offers, fast fashion collabs and even spin off reality shows and podcasts. Essentially, they can wave goodbye to their days on the nine to five grind.

But, before the villa, loads of this year’s Islanders were actually in their corporate era. We’re talking financial advisors, recruitment managers— not just your classic semi-pro footballers and hairdressers of previous years. So, we’ve deep dived into their LinkedIn profiles and some are seriously revealing.

Lana Jenkins

Lana Jenkins

Credit: Instagram (@lanajenkinss)

Day one Love Islander Lana Jenkins is a professional makeup artist and, according to her LinkedIn, has been working for herself for the past five years.

The rest of Lana’s LinkedIn is pretty sparse. She studied at the School of Makeup in Manchester for a year. Besides from that, we know from her pre-villa interviews that she used to work as a makeup assistant with Michelle Keegan on Brassic.

Lana’s LinkedIn picture is her with her back to the camera on holiday in New York, which isn’t your standard headshot. And everyone she follows are people on executive boards at arts colleges.

Lana Jenkins Love Island

Jessie Wynter

Jessie Wynter Love Island

Credit: Instagram (@Jessiereneewynter)

If you didn’t already guess from her unbelievable abs, Jessie is an instructor and personal trainer at the seriously fast paced fitness studio F45.

Before that she worked in marketing at the skincare company Beauty Brand X, ran a leadership team at the Tasmanian government during Covid and took customer service complaints at the Commonwealth Bank. This woman is diverse.

Her interests are just all of the brands she’s worked for and her picture is her holding a protein shaker. Obv.

Jessie Wynter Love Island

Casey O’Gorman

Casey O'Gorman Love Island

Credit: LinkedIn

The classic city boy of this year’s villa, Casey works as a head hunter (recruiter) at Wilkinson Partners, where he finds people that work in tax new jobs, which is about as exciting as it sounds.

He’s been in his job for almost four years and before that did something similar for a tech company. But back when he was a student at Leeds Beckett, Casey was also a camp counsellor at a summer camp in Texas. Frat boy energy.

According to his LinkedIn, Casey also attended a boarding school that costs £10,500 per term and has been endorsed by his colleagues for communication and negotiation. Not sure Claudia would agree.

Casey O'Gorman Love Island

Maxwell Samuda

Maxwell Love Island

Credit: LinkedIn

Olivia’s late entry bombshell boyfriend was a post graduate student at Liverpool studying finance before he entered the villa.

He’s also worked at the Indian restaurant Dishoom as a host, done internships at numerous investment firms and worked as a group leader at a London drama school. So, it seems like he’s either about to embrace his life as an influencer or join Casey in the city.

Although, Maxwell’s top interest on LinkedIn is Steven Bartlett. So, maybe his finance and influencing careers could go hand in hand after all.

Maxwell Love Island

Martin Akinola

Martin Love Island

Credit: Instagram (@mart1n.jr)

The man caught in the middle of all the Shaq and Tanya drama is, according to Martin’s LinkedIn, a software engineer who specialises in cloud storage. Maybe he can fix all of our iPhones.

Martin has been endorsed for Artificial Intelligence, Databases, HTML and a billion other techy things. And he also has over 500 connections. It’s just a shame he didn’t manage to find a genuine one in the villa.

Martin Love Island

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