A dumped Islander is ‘inundated’ with nudes! Plus the cast hacked the Love Island phones?!

It’s all kicking off!

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People have predicted who the first couple to split will be

Last night saw the return of everyone’s least favourite challenge, the babies, and Twitter has had its say: Tanya and Shaq won’t last. Following Tanya joking that their baby wasn’t Shaq’s and Shaq not finding it very funny, people are convinced they’ll be the first to split when they hit the real world.


You guessed it! There have been MORE Ofcom complaints about bullying

During the last week, Ofcom has received over 500 complaints about Love Island. 524 viewers complained in the last seven days, 300 of them about alleged “bullying” of Ron by his fellow Islanders.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said 302 complaints were made following last Sunday and Monday’s episodes “related to the alleged bullying of Ron by other contestants.” A further 71 were made related “to the treatment of Tom by other contestants.”

Spencer’s said he’s been getting loads of nudes since leaving the show looooool

Love Island 2023

via ITV

Despite being on the show for a matter of minutes, Spencer Wilks is now claiming he’s getting loads of nudes from women in his DMs. According to The Sun, he’s “seen his social media following rocket” and has been “inundated with an influx of X-rated messages.”

Speaking to The Daily Star, he said the pictures are a “daily” occurrence, and said: “The weirdest is people just sending naked pictures. I’m like, ‘Oh, what’s this person said?’ and then I open it and it’s just naked pictures. What do I say to that? Thank you? It’s a weird one. My DMs at the moment are just crazy, but I imagine it will come down.”

Zara and Jordan are official!

via Instagram

It was previously said dumped Islanders Zara and Jordan were planning on going on a date after being dumped from the show, but now they’ve confirmed they’re officially dating – and planning on going travelling together.

They said in a podcast they’ve shared some kisses, and been on a number of dates. Jordan said: “I’m happy. Like I’m so happy. I really can’t complain.” 🥺

Apparently Tom and Casey hacked the Love Island phones?!

via ITV

You know how restricted the Love Island phone are – and how they’re basically just for taking photos and getting texts from producers? Apparently this year that’s been broken!

Dumped Islander Maxwell has spilled all, and said Tom and Casey “accidentally” broke the villa golden rule, and “hacked” the phones by getting past a password they “easily guessed”. In an Instagram video, Maxwell claimed the boys went as far as “downloading Instagram and other social media” before handing their phones to producers after “freaking out” about what they’d done.

Drama! They clearly panicked before checking how many followers they’d gained though, as according to The Daily Star, a Love Island spokesperson said: “No Islanders have downloaded or had access to social media while in the villa.”

Laura Anderson has said the boring loved-up chats are staged

A couple of evenings ago, there were scenes where all the Islanders suddenly sat in different areas of the villa and all talked about how much they adore one another. Vom. Previous Islander Laura Anderson has said these moments are “a bit staged”. Speaking on Instagram she too was questioning why they were “all just declaring their love for each other” out of the blue.

The final dates are tonight, and they come with a savage twist

Love Island 2023

via ITV

Tonight, the Islanders go on their romantic final dates, but there’s a big twist waiting for them there. The Islanders awake to an unexpected text with news for all of the couples. Samie reads aloud: “Islanders, the time has come for each of you to go on your final date! #ADateToRemember”. Shaq says: “You just know the final dates are going to be amazing.”

The couples all excitedly discuss the upcoming dates but are quickly shocked by a follow up message informing them of an important decision they all need to make whilst on their dates. In a Love Island first, while on their dates the Islanders will have to vote for the least compatible couple, leaving the pairs with the most votes vulnerable and at risk of being dumped.

Uh oh!

Sanam and Kai are favourites to win right now

With the final just days away, Betfair has confirmed our favs Sanam and Kai are also the bookies’ favourites. Betfair spokesperson Sam Rosbottom said: “Sanam and Kai are the 7/4 favourites to win Love Island, with the final just four days away. Jessie and Will, Lana and Ron and Samie and Tom all follow behind as joint-second-favourites at 13/5, while Tanya and Shaq are 50/1 outsiders to pick up the £50k cash prize.”

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