Will and Layla what happened in bed

This is what actually happened between Will and Layla in bed during Casa Amor

Movie Night made it look BAD

It’s no secret, Will messed up in Casa Amor. He snogged Layla, had an existential crisis, and then proceeded to flirt with her all night long in bed. Last night, Jessie had to witness this pillow talk first hand for the first time during Movie Night. And, obviously, all the girls were horrified.

Quickly, a fight broke out. Tanya thought Layla was rubbing Will’s penis under the covers. The boys told her not to make more of it than it was. Claudia claimed it looked like they were just touching each other’s legs. So, which is it? Just how deep did this betrayal go? Penis stroke or no penis stroke— that is the question.

Love island what happened in bed with Layla and WIll

So, what actually happened between Will and Layla in bed?

To stop further speculation, Layla has spoken out about the questionable under the cover activity from her time in Casa Amor. And it’s not as exciting as you might think.

“Will said ‘naughty’ but it was literally because I rub my feet together when I am in bed and I accidentally touched my toe his and he was like ‘oh naughty,'” she told The Sun.

what happened with will and layla in bed Love Island

“It’s quite funny, we were chatting for ages in that bed, like silly things and he was being a bit flirty,” she added. “He would be like ‘Oh, my head’s jumbled’, but then flirt. I kept having to tell him off.

“I could tell he was not comfortable and I said that to him as well,” she continued of Will’s behaviour in bed. “I was like, ‘Look, I understand that you’ve be sharing with me Jessie this entire time, so obviously this is weird for you’.

“So, I just said I’m going to give you your space, I’m not going to like cuddle you all night.”

Please, someone parachute this information into the Love Island villa! After Movie Night, Jessie’s mind is definitely racing with scenarios far more sordid than a bit of toe touching.

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