Speed bump sex position love island

Ok, what actually is the speed bump position Love Island’s Tom and Samie are obsessed with?

‘We’re saving that for outside the villa’

Last night’s Love Island saw the return of Knowing Me, Knowing you: the Mrs & Mrs style challenge where couples prove they actually know each other. Spoiler: Tanya and Martin did not do well.

As always, each Islander’s favourite sex position was at the forefront of questioning. And it was Tom and Kai’s matching answer that had everyone rushing to Google the simple but urgent question: What is the speed bump position?

Yup, it’s like when Curtis Pritchard brought the Spread Eagle to everyone’s attention in 2019 all over again. So, in case you’re worrying you’re seriously vanilla for not knowing the villa’s fav move, here’s the breakdown of the speed bump from experts who know best:

Ok, so what is the speed bump sex position?

Thankfully, not all sex positions require a gymnastics qualification. And, if you’re a bit of a pillow princess, the speed bump is basically the easiest sex position you can get.

“The speed bump sex position is a simple version of doggy-style,” explains condoms.uk’s sex expert Pippa Murphy. “However, the woman lies on her stomach and places a pillow under her hips, which acts as the ‘speed bump.’ Her partner then enters from behind whilst kneeling and holding onto the woman’s hips for support.”

1/10 difficulty rating. Easy, simple, effective. Perfect for Tom and Kai x

Speed bump position

Why do people like the speed bump sex position?

The fact Tom and Kai love the speed bump position actually paints them in a very positive light because it’s one of the most likely moves to make women cum.

“This position makes it easier for the giver to hit the woman’s g-spot, therefore, increasing her chances of reaching a climax,” says Pippa.

“For extra pleasure, the penetrating partner should touch and kiss the receiving woman’s erogenous zones, as these are highly sensitive areas that cause instant sexual stimulation.

The most common erogenous zones include the neck, back and nipples, however, the penetrating partner should kiss all over their partner’s body whilst paying attention to their reaction, as it’ll be clear what’s most sexually stimulating.”

speed bump position

When is the best time to do the speed bump position?

Obv, you can do a sex position any time you want. But if you’ve had an especially hectic day, then the speed bump could seriously boost your mood.

“This sex position is perfect for those that have had a particularly stressful day as when a person is stressed, their cortisol level (otherwise known as ‘the stress hormone) rises, making it hard to drift off to sleep at night,” explains Pippa.

“However, having sex in such an intimate and close position (similar to spooning) counteracts rising cortisol levels, as nerve impulses pass through the skin and then travel up the spine to the brain.

“Essentially, this then stimulates the release of many positive hormones, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine – all of which make you feel happier, less stressed, and more bonded to your partner.”

So, if you want a good night’s sleep tonight, you know what to do.

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