All the shocking revelations to come from Love Is Blind: After the Altar season three

Cole confirmed he was dating again!!

The remaining episodes of Love Is Blind: After the Altar were released last week on Netflix, giving us an update on where all the couples stand right now. There were a few shocking revelations thrown out there and some not-s0-shocking ones like Nancy’s mum believing Bartise is a piece of “shit.” Fans of the show were also given clarification on the messy timeline between Raven and SK getting back together, him proposing and then cheating on her. We also had her side of the story as well which we’ve never heard before now.

So strap yourself in and get ready. Here are the most shocking revelations to come from season three’s Love Is Blind: After the Altar.

Nancy and Bartise became friends after their wedding

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In the episodes we saw Nancy come clean and tell her mum and brother that she is friends with Bartise again. Her mum wasn’t pleased at all, she literally called Bartise a “piece of shit.” But their friendship is short lived because by the end of the three episodes, Nancy tells Bartise she wants to move on from their relationship and no longer be friends.

Cole confirmed he is dating again

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For his part, Cole confirmed he was dating again but still hadn’t made a serious connection. He told a friend he wanted to move to San Diego and find a “babe in a bikini” who he could settle down with.

The SK cheating allegations confirmed…after a second proposal

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Yes, that’s right. The After the Altar special cleared up the SK cheating timeline and confirmed it happened after he proposed to Raven Ross for a second time.

At the time of filming in autumn last year, SK and Raven were doing long distance after he turned her down at their wedding. She originally didn’t want to relocate to California whilst he completed his degree but as they got more serious she became more open minded.

SK wanted to prove to Raven how much he wanted to make things work and proposed during the third episode. Getting down on one knee, he said: “We’ve always done things our very own way, without fear of what everyone else thinks. Our love has flourished in the most unimaginable way and I can’t wait to continue writing the story. I commit to you my very best self, I commit to love you and let you grow without borders. I commit to let you flourish without limits and love you til the very end. Raven Michelle, will you marry me again?”

Raven accepted his proposal but a “few months” later, she learned SK had allegedly been unfaithful. In a tearful and emotional clip, she says: “Since then, a lot has changed. My world is completely different because, you know, SK cheated on me and now our relationship is over. It’s crazy to watch it back and, like, remember my feelings then. I was so happy. I really was so invested in the person that everyone saw and everyone loved, like, that’s the person that everyone saw and I loved every day too. So to see everything that has happened since then is so hard because that was not the person that I thought that I was with.”

Colleen and Matt still aren’t living together

One year on from actually being married and the couple still aren’t living together. However they are looking for a place together and even debating getting a dog so there’s that at least.

Something that won’t shock you one bit is that the couple fight still! Even Raven said: “Colleen and Matt fight a lot. Point-blank period.”

Cole called Zanab a liar

These two are so dramatic, it’s unbelievable. During the first episode, Cole sat his two friends down and said Zanab lied to him. Apparently before their wedding day the pair agreed to continue dating if they said no at the altar. But instead Zanab called him out in front of everyone for how he made her feel and Cole says that was the grossest thing to ever happen to him.

Zanab admitted she has been working on herself in therapy

After breaking up with Cole, Zanab said she was extremely single. She also shared she had been working on herself in therapy and felt like she had finally reached “a place to get into something healthy” with someone and hopefully find her “forever relationship.”

Alexa and Brennon are ‘working’ on having kids!!

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In the episodes, Alexa and Brennon say they want to start a family soon but they’re not rushing the process. Although for her birthday, Brennon does give her a baby grow so make of that what you will.

Brennon confronted Cole and Alexa’s birthday party

Clearly Cole’s treatment of Zanab created tension between himself and Brennon. Brennon said he was not one to “get involved with someone else’s relationship,” but also he didn’t respect the way things went down between Cole and Zanab. He mentioned specific comments that Cole had allegedly made about Zanab and told Cole he needed to “fix things.”

Cole actually apologised to Zanab!

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During Alexa’s birthday party, Cole approached Zanab and apologised to her and said he never intended to make her feel the way she did. Zanab accepted his apology and agreed to move on.

Nancy said she and Bartise had been ‘intimate’ after calling off the wedding

She also said they never hooked up so who even knows what this means!!

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