Rihanna Brighton Pride 2023

Debunked: Sorry to break it you but Rihanna is not booked for Brighton Pride

You idiots!

Today a gossip Twitter account tweeted claiming it was confirmed Rihanna will be headlining Brighton Pride on 5th August Saturday 2023.

According to @giveusthegoss, the so -called official announcement was expected after her Super Bowl performance this year.

A spokesperson from Brighton Pride exclusively told The Tab this is not the case and “Rihanna is not booked for Brighton & Hove Pride 2023.” They also confirmed they will not be making any announcements until Spring 2023 and nothing is confirmed unless Brighton Pride confirms it.

Rihanna is headlining the US Super Bowl’s half-time show on 12th February this week and it is reported that she will announce her new tour dates then.

Over the years Brighton Pride has seen some fantastic headliners, so Rihanna wouldn’t be out of the question but it would be wild. Artists such as Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa.

Maybe Rihanna 2024??

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