TikTok has realised The Gen Z shake is the latest equivalent to the Millennial pause

I dread to think what the boomers do

Millennials and Gen Z love giving it the big one about who has the upper hand. And neither of us them know peace until they feel satisfied with beating the other generation in some kind of form. If there’s one thing Gen Z love, it’s making Millennials feel old with their stupid, silly little quirks. Recently we coined the Millennial pause, that breath in Millennials do before they start speaking in a video.

You’ll notice the likes of Taylor Swift doing the Millennial breath – she’s so guilty of it. Watch any TikTok from her and you’ll see how breath-y it really is.

Clearly though the Millennials got tired of being made fun of and decided to think of something they can say about Gen Z. So they’ve come up with the Gen Z shake. You won’t be able to catch yourself not doing it anymore, it’s impossible. Here’s a rundown of what the Gen Z shake actually is.

The Gen Z shake explained

According to TikTok, the Gen Z shake is something we do before taking a video and it’s evil. Now you’ll notice it in every single TikTok you watch for the rest of your life. You’ll see Gen Z slightly shake their camera whilst recording before setting their phone down on a hard surface.


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