This is what it’s like to be rejected by Love Island, from someone it has happened to

TikToker Summer Fox got aired after her audition

Thousands of people apply to Love Island every single the year, with the hopes of finding the love of their lives or possibly some money and several brand deals in the bank. In 2017, it was reported that 18,000 people applied to Love Island, over 1,000 more than those who applied to the University of Cambridge. A lot of people who apply to go on Love Island don’t make it and it becomes a funny story you tell at the pub, or in the case of Summer Fox, a funny story you tell your thousands of followers.

Summer Fox is a huge name on TikTok, especially after everyone fell in love with the story of how she met her boyfriend and now they’re soon going to be off travelling the world together. In the hopes of kickstarting a very boujee career, Summer decided to apply for Love Island, but not everything went to plan.

Summer got a call asking her to come in for an interview

In a TikTok video, Summer explained to her fans that she got a call from an assistant producer on Love Island after filling out paperwork and answered a round of questions from producers. She said: “I got a call from an assistant producer and when they said Love Island, I was like ‘Oh my God!’ You get really excited, you feel like you’ve got it already and I felt like my life was about to change but those people on the phone – they’re always very enthusiastic and really good at making you feel special.”

She was asked to dress as if she was going on a date

Explaining her preparation process for the interview, Summer revealed she was told to dress up as if she was going on a date. When she got to the studio, she was met with people who had all been told the same thing, hoping to earn a spot on the show.

She said: “They look at you like you’re a new person walking in, like judging and it feels like you were back at school again. You all go into this canteen room and sit down and you have to fill in the forms – it’ll ask you what’s something secret that not one knows that you’ve done and I think those are what they use later on in the show in the challenges.”

Then, one by one, the potential Islanders were called into an audition room.

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The potential cast members were met with a ‘massive camera’ while people are taking notes

Once in the audition room, Summer thought she had managed to get onto the show after receiving a number of winks and nods from the producers. “I felt like I had to be really over the top, enthusiastic and put on a show. I told my stories and everything went well,” she added.

Then, she was aired

Once her audition was over, Summer said to her fans that she was told she was the “best one of the day”, but that was not the case. Summer was left waiting for months and despite checking her email and voicemail every day, she soon realised that she was not picked for the show.

Summer had told all of her friends that her audition had gone well. She said: “You don’t even get an email or anything to say that you didn’t get it. They don’t let you know if you don’t get it. They only let you know if you maybe do and then I believe there’s two or three more stages after that as well.”

Rejected by Love Island

via Instagram @summerfox___

The rejection only made Summer more motivated

Summer has now over 300,000 followers on TikTok, with her witty and hilarious storytimes winning over her fans every day. Reflecting on the audition and being ghosted, she said she was disappointed by the only made her more motivated to change her life around on her own terms. She said: “Every year after that I would get automated emails asking me to apply again and I never did.”

All Love Island applicants are given the terms and conditions to read and sign during the application process which explains the feedback process. Contact regarding future Love Island series is made only if the applicant consents to it in the terms and conditions during the application process.

Love Island 2023 continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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