Murad Merali is back

Guys, Murad Merali is back on social media talking about winter Love Island 2023

He’s even posting reviews on his YouTube channel again

Murad Merali is back on social media and has been discussing the latest season of Love Island 2023 after complete silence for over six months. Murad was well known for his podcasts with dumped Islanders from past seasons and absolutely everyone would tune in after an episode. He rose to prominence last summer during the 2022 season and some of his podcast guests included Coco Lodge, Amber Gill and Kaz Kamwi.

However, last summer Murad was accused of taking part in extreme fetish content and raceplay. Raceplay is an extreme fetish which consists of two people consenting to use racial slurs and derogatory comments during sexual encounters. Videos and photos were posted online of Murad allegedly engaging in raceplay, which he has denied. In an apology video, Murad said he didn’t write the racist captions online but said he takes “full accountability for how this has come across and how everybody has felt from this content.”

Murad Merali is back

A number of influencers and former Love Islanders all reacted to the videos that circulated on social media, and Amber Gill unfollowed him. Social media influencer Lewys, said: “Nah, that is genuinely fucked in the head how can those words even come out of your mouth.”

Murad has recently returned to social media, and has even been posting TikToks with his reaction to the first episode of winter Love Island 2023. He has turned his comments off and received just 1,000 likes in comparison to the tens of thousands he once received. Not everyone is pleased by his return, with one Twitter user saying: “So Murad Merali has apparently gone back to doing Love Island videos. Does he literally not have shame?”

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