Enter the villa Anna-May: The 20-year-old who is the youngest Islander this year

Luca Bish has been liking her Instagram pics 👀

Winter Love Island famously wasn’t that good last time around, but this year it feels as though we are all well and truly in the mood for another series. Love Island 2023 is kicking off – and one of the people in the brand new cast of Islanders is Anna-May.

She’s the youngest contestant this year so far, and has already caught the eye of some previous Islanders. So, here is everything you need to know about Anna-May Robey, as she becomes a regular face in the Love Island 2023 villa.

Anna-May Robey who is on Love Island 2023

Anna-May in here Love Island 2023 promo shoot

Love Island 2023 contestant Anna-May is 20, and from Swansea

Anna-May is from Swansea and works as a payroll administrator. Aged 20, she is the youngest Islander in the original lineup this year.

When asked why she wanted to be on Love Island, Anna-May said: “I want a boyfriend, I want to find someone who makes me laugh. I’ve been single for quite a while, my mother is bugging me, she’s like, ‘You need to find a boyfriend.’ I’m just excited to try something new and I think going on Love Island is a good way to meet someone.”

via Instagram @annamayrobey

Anna-May thinks she will bring energy and a good laugh to the Love Island villa

Anna-May said she will bring fun to the Love Island villa, and said she’s “always up for a laugh, if someone tells me to go and dive in the pool I will probably do it.” She also said she will bring energy to the villa, and will be the one to have “everyone up playing games”.

She added that she’s funny, energetic and spontaneous, and said: “I‘m also not afraid to get in someone’s way; if I like someone, I’ll let them know.”

When asked how her friends and family would describe her, Anna-May said: “Energetic. I’m always running around singing and screaming. My parents are always like, ‘Shut up!’ I work from home all day so I don’t really speak to people in person for two or three days a week, so when my father comes home, he’ll want to sit down and chill out, and I’m there chewing his ear off! I would definitely say I am a chatterbox.”

via Instagram @annamayrobey

So, what gives Anna-May the ick?

The ick is clearly an important thing to Anna-May, and she said getting the ick and being fussy is the reason she’s single. “I also go for the same type of guy so I need to broaden my horizons, so I hope to do that in the villa,” she said.

“I don’t like people who brag or who are really materialistic. Another thing is watching a boy get his haircut and the barber pushing up the seat, you know the pumping thing? I used to go to the barber with my ex and I used to sit there and every time the barber would do it, I would have to look away.”

Anna- May’s worst date story is when she went for food and wine with a guy, and whilst she was talking he fell asleep. Yikes. “I had to clink his wine glass to wake him up,” she said. She added that she falls in love quickly, and said: “I become obsessed with someone when they don’t like me. But, when they start giving me the attention that I want I’m not interested anymore.”

Her celebrity crush is Anthony Joshua

When asked about her celebrity crushes, Anny-May said she “likes a bit of Anthony Joshua” but  “wouldn’t say no to Jamie Dornan as well.” Same hun, same. Her dream dinner party guests are Ricky Gervais, Anthony Joshua and Olly Murs. Random?

Anna-May Robey from Love Island 2023 lineup

via Instagram @annamayrobey

Anna-May has over 20k Instagram followers, and Luca from Love Island 2022 has been liking her posts

As it was announced before the show, the Instagram accounts belonging to the Islanders will remain dormant whilst they are in the villa. But, if you want to follow Anna-May in the meantime, her handle is @annamayrobey.

She currently has over 20k followers, and has definitely caught the eye of some past contestants, as Luca from last year’s series has been liking her posts. 👀

Winter Love Island 2023 starts on January 16th. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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