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Explained: Why Paul Breach got into a police van with a bag of fish and chips

This man’s life is beyond belief

Last night, a video appeared on TikTok of recently banned creator Paul Breach, aka @beauty_beyondtheeye getting into a police van with the help of some officers, a bag of fish and chips and a load of young people filming him like their life depended on it. But what actually happened? Was he arrested? Here’s the full story explained.

In the above TikTok, Paul was scene getting into a police van as he was surrounded by people filming him, clutching on to a bag of fish and chips for dear life. It’s a mysterious video, and at first is unclear why the police are there.

Paul Breach went on a live then to further explain his side of the story of what was happening “I didn’t want to have to ring the police to pick me up from a pub because you lot surround the pub, back and front. I mean, who does that? Who does that? I only wanted to get some fish and chips. I’m not in jail, I’ve not been arrested – again, I’ve done nothing wrong. Believe what you want to believe on the internet.

“I’m fine, I just hate having to waste the police’s time to bring me back to where I’m staying because people can’t behave themselves. None of it is normal.

“And if I go somewhere tomorrow, do I have to ring the police again and go, ‘can you come and pick me up, this lot can’t behave themselves and just be normal and say, can I have a photo?’ And get on with your days.”

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Featured image credit via Instagram @beautybeyondthe_eye.