This TikTok stomach hack promises great sex, but does it actually work?

It’s been called ‘intense’

Another day, another TikTok sex hack that’s taught me more about the female body than biology lessons ever did. Last year the pillow trick went viral for enhancing our sex lives and now it’s the turn of the stomach sex hack.

TikToker Nurse Ria, who frequently shares sex advice, recently posted a TikTok claiming that pressing down on a woman’s stomach during sex can help stimulate the G-spot. She said: “Pressing down on a woman’s lower stomach during sex can help stimulate their G-spot from the outside.”

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Her video has since been viewed over 40million times and the comments section is full of people discussing the effect of this tip.

Some say it makes sex “1,000 times more intense” and others say it just makes them “fart”. So does it actually work? We spoke to online sex toy retailer UberKinky’s resident sex expert, Ruby, to get her take on this viral tip.

Does the TikTok stomach sex hack work?

Like many TikTok hacks Ruby says the stomach tip is nothing new and can be extremely effective.

She said: “What is it with TikTok and being years behind when it comes to ‘so-called’ sex hacks? Of course, I can’t speak for every vulva-owner out there but – when done right – the GENTLE pressing on their stomach in a certain area can enhance pleasure.”

So how do I do it?

Ruby advises the first step in trying this stomach sex hack is by locating your G-spot so you can stimulate it from the outside.

She said: “The G-spot is located inside the vagina – about an inch or so inside. On the outside of the body, that translates to about a palm’s width or so down from the navel – an easy way to measure. The best way to stimulate is to be playing inside and locate the G-spot before you press – this could be with a slightly curved dildo or your fingers. Fingers are best for complete beginners because you need to know what the G-spot feels like to touch. And this can be done with a partner or during masturbation.”

Once you know where your G-spot is Ruby advises to “lightly press on your stomach a palm’s width below the belly button, and experiment with pressure and hand position until you feel a change in sensation. Once you’ve figured out the perfect position, you’ll be able to return to it quickly next time.”

Are there any risks associated with the stomach sex hack?

With any sex move or position, what works for one person may not work for another. The one thing to consider Ruby says is to ensure you’re not pressing down too hard on the stomach.

She said: “There are no risks of damage of any kind, but of course you’re going to want to avoid pressing too hard on your own or your partner’s stomach. Pressing too hard anywhere on a person’s body could cause internal damage if it’s done with enough force – you’re trying to enhance pleasure, not put them in the hospital. If you’re masturbating, go with what your body is comfortable with, and if you’re playing with a partner, make sure you tell them if you experience any pain or discomfort, and have them stop immediately.”

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