Sex/Life on Netflix is actually really problematic and you shouldn’t watch it

Why does everyone think Cooper is an ideal husband?!

Contains spoilers for Sex/Life series on Netflix.

Sex/Life on Netflix is one of the most horny and equally problematic shows I’ve ever seen. It’s enraging to watch, if I’m being honest. Netflix producers want us to feel sympathy for a rich housewife, Billie, who feels trapped in her perfect marriage and mourns her sexually fulfilling relationship she had over eight years ago with her ex-boyfriend Brad.

Again and again, Billie revisits her choices to leave her husband and two children to be sexually liberated. I’m all for women doing what they want but Christ, this whole show is one big shagathon and there is no plot to it other than Billie wanting a decent bonk. But look, I’m not a prude. I just appreciate a TV series with a plot that isn’t as fucked up as Sex/Life. Here are all the things that are problematic with Sex/Life on Netflix.

Billie’s relationship with her husband Cooper in Sex/Life on Netflix is so weird

Everyone is saying Cooper is the nicest guy and the perfect husband, but he’s actually one of the biggest reasons why this show is so fucked up. There’s clearly a reason why Billie sees her marriage falling apart.

Sex/Life Netflix

Cooper, via Netflix

Billie realises she’s unsatisfied with her lavish lifestyle, mainly she finds the sexual side of it unfulfilling. She started to mourn and dream about her former life, her hot and steamy sex with her ex-boyfriend, Brad, who is a total asshole. He is the walking definition of “treat her mean to keep her keen” and he also happens to have a huge penis, too.

Billie starts the process of journalling which doubles as a sex diary. She leaves it open on her laptop for Cooper to read.

Her obsession with her sex diary leads to so many problems

Look, journalling is good and healthy – I’d recommend it to anyone. But, what I wouldn’t recommend, is owning a sex diary on your laptop which doesn’t have a password. It’s like Billie wanted Cooper to read it.

Oh and yeah, Cooper read it obviously. You’d expect him to storm out and get pissed off right? What he actually does is have sex with Billie over the kitchen counter. So at first, I guess the diary sparked some kind of romance back into the marriage but it really didn’t last long before Cooper and his small dick energy started to get triggered by it.

The sex they have is quite graphic and Cooper then doesn’t speak to her for the rest of the day – very weird. But then he comes home from work with a sexy black dress claiming he is taking her out for drinks and dancing. Seems quite sweet, he wants to make her feel like the way she does when she’s writing about Brad. After their date he’s driving home and takes a de-tour to what he calls a “random” house. They break in onto the property and head to the owners pool and start to….you guess it: have sex.

It’s all going well until the owner comes out and chases them off the property. It’s not until they’re back in the car when Cooper admits the owner of the house was one of his clients and he’s not actually a “bad boy”. They get home, soaking wet, after being in the pool. Billie goes to check on the kids and then Cooper starts thinking about Billie having sex with Brad and then he vomits in the toilet. So instead of talking about the issue at hand, he thought reenacting the sex Billie writes about would fix everything. Why are men like this?!?

THEN the morning after it all, Cooper masturbates over Billie’s sex diary. He then has a shower and Billie comes into join him and he refuses to touch her and gets out. At this point, he starts to get fucking weird. The same day as this, he takes time out of work to go stalk Billie’s ex, Brad. He ends up paying over $600 for a gym membership just so he can watch this Brad guy. Unluckily for Cooper, he catches a glimpse of Brad in the shower and notices how big his dick is, this really sends him into a downward spiral because he clearly can’t compare.

Brad is an awful person

The flashbacks to their relationship take place when they were 20-something and Billie was in college whilst Brad was a shit-hot music producer. They had explosive sex but beyond that, there wasn’t really a connection there. He treated her like shit when they were together and it continues up to present day.

Sex/Life Netflix

Brad, via Netflix

Brad’s one of the worst characters I’ve ever watched on a TV show. He goes out of his way to put Billie in awkward positions and force her back to him. I get Billie is her own person and can say no, but she does say no. She’s said no a few times and asked him to stop but Brad’s brain is in his dick so obviously he’s not going to stop.

In order to worm his way back into Billie’s life he uses her best mate and ex-housemate, Sasha, to get her attention. But what he does is genuinely illegal and disgusting. He FaceTimes Billie via Sasha’s phone and films them both having sex. Billie of course answers but instead of hanging up, she watches the whole thing and masturbates. This obviously gives Billie a guilty conscious because she goes to tell Sasha what happened. You’d think Sasha would break out in panic and anger over being betrayed by Brad on such a monumental scale, but nope. Instead she asks Billie if her ass looked good during sex??? Like what?? You’ve just been recorded against your will and found our your best friend wanked over it!! Madness.

Billie tells Brad he has to stop contacting her, especially after he tells her Cooper came to see him. She asks Brad to leave her alone, to which he replies he “knows” she doesn’t mean that and then he continues to show her his dick on FaceTime. Please can someone make it make sense.

Cooper reads the sex diary again and goes awol with the kids

The chaos of this show and sex diary is absurd. Whilst Billie is out with Brad, Cooper questions where she is and then out of anger he reads her sex diary…again. As this happens, Billie and Brad get close but Billie sees several texts from Cooper and rushes home. She returns to an empty house. Cooper has left the laptop out and she throws it against the wall. Then Cooper pulls up with the kids and she rushes out to hug them.

The whole plot of the show messes with my head because there isn’t really a plot to follow. It’s just a lot of sex, a sex diary, a guy with a big dick, a guy with a not so big dick who also happens to also be a jealous husband and two small children caught in the middle. Sex/Life on Netflix is a batshit crazy show and it’s not worth watching.

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