drag race down under finale

It’s finally finished, so celebrate the end of Drag Race Down Under with these 21 memes

Nothing but respect for our new queen

The shit show that was Drag Race Down Under has finally finished, seeing Kita Mean crowned the winner in the series finale last night. It took a long time but we finally got some redemption for the awful season we’ve been forced to endure.

The queens competed one last time performing the song “I’m A Winner Baby”, before walking their final runway and battling it out in a lip sync to Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical”. Like all good Drag Race finales the queens all had a deep chat with Ru and Michelle complete with complimentary Tic Tacs or Jaffas in the case of Down Under.

Thankfully the deserving winner Kita Mean was given the first Drag Race Down Under crown and we can all rest easy and pretend this season never happened.

However just before we shut it away from our memories forever, Twitter was full of classic memes celebrating the chaos of this season.

These are the 21 funniest memes from the Drag Race Down Under finale:

1. What an episode

2. I cannot engage with Twitter rn

3. We still need answers

4. Just give him the crown now

5. Tied joint with Olivia

6. Lol

7. The only way to watch this is to have a lot of alcohol present

8. She really is out here acting like a trained psychologist

9. You get some trauma, you get some trauma, we all get a lot of trauma

10. It was odd to say the least

11. Seriously though?

12. Never enjoyed anything less

13. Honestly what was that performance?

14. Truly iconic

15. She was the winner right then and there

16. Nothing but respect for our queen

17. I’m so happy for her

18. This has made up for everything

19. Wow, what?

20. Thank GOD

21. I can finally rest easy

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