Here’s how to report any TikTok videos you see about the disturbing April 24th trend

People are allegedly saying sexual assault is legal on this day

On TikTok at the moment everyone is talking about a disturbing new trend where people are allegedly saying it is legal to sexually assault people on April 24th. So right now, more than ever, it is important to know how to report those who are sharing anything in support of the April 24th hoax on TikTok.

CW: Sexual assault and rape. 

In the last few days there has been a huge conversation online about a “viral hoax” where people have been calling April 24th “national rape day” and saying that the day is when sexual assault is legal. This obviously isn’t true, and there are lots of rumours about where the trend may have started.

TikTok users in particular have been sharing videos on how to stay safe and discussing how, even if the whole thing is a hoax, it was never funny to start with.

According to lots of videos and reports, it was all started by “six men on TikTok” who shared a video encouraging other men to sexually assault women on this day. They allegedly said it is legal to do so, and shared “tips” on what to do and the video is said to have first been posted in March 2021. So, if you see any videos like this, here’s the quick way you can report them and stop them spreading further.

How to report any negative videos you see on TikTok about April 24th

It’s really easy to report TikTok videos, and it may help with finding out where this trend started. All you have to do is press the white arrow on the right hand side of the video, just below where the likes and comments are. Then up will come the options to share the video elsewhere, and bottom left of that bar should appear and option with a flag labelled “report”.

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After you click “report” a list appears where you can select the best matching reason as to why you want to flag this video with TikTok. You select the most relevant one, or there is an option for “other” if your reason doesn’t fit into one of the ones already stated.

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TikTok has said it cannot source the video which people claim started everything, with a spokesperson telling USA Today it has “not found evidence” of this original video on the platform. The spokesperson added: “Keeping our community safe is our priority, and we do not tolerate content that promotes or glorifies non-consensual sexual acts including rape and sexual assault. While we have not found evidence on our platform of any videos related to this subject, our safety team is remaining vigilant and we will remove content that violates our policies.”

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