Statue memes: 26 marbelous memes and reactions about statues being taken down

Adios Churchill, it would seem

First, it was Edward Colston. Now it seems a day doesn’t go by without Churchill getting a redecoration with a can of spray paint from the local Halford’s. Councils are now taking the precautionary measures to remove the racist statues of slave traders and generally shitty people before they’re torn down, as various museums wait with open arms. Whatever your view is on the protests, you’ve got to admit that if there’s anything that unified us all, it’s our collective love of memes.

God, we know how to take the piss out of anything perceivably negative that comes our way in this country. We did it at the start of 2020 with the potential of a World War Three, we’ve done it with quarantine, so there was really no chance that we’d let the statues fall without a good laugh.

1. One of GC’s many falls x

2. See?

3. Take anything but Bobby

4. *5 minutes earlier* “I think it’s a dud, mate”

5. This one isn’t going anywhere

6. “First Little Britain, then Gavin and Stacey – PC gone mad!”

7. Same, Louis. Same.

8. Think about the PIGEONS

9. An elite meme format

We recently interviewed these guys here, open in a new tab while you read on.

10. All good boys deserve to remain

11. Unsurprising tbh

12. They’re literally the child version of #9

13. I mean this in the most respectful way possible… yes

14. Ain’t all of us

15. If you know you know

16. Be back before dinner Wayne!

17. Yikes

18. So true 😤😤😤

19. Pretty much

20. Absolutely

21. Good point

22. Exactly!

23. Hate the way this country is going >:(

24. Petition to replace Churchill with SpiderCamel

25. Beautiful to see

26. Oh SHIT

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