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People are calling to ‘Boycott Sainsbury’s’ and the reactions are hilarious

‘Hey racists, can you hurry up with your Sainsbury’s boycott?’

Today in weird things that could only happen on the internet, people decided to “boycott Sainsbury’s” because they think Lord Sainsbury decided to take down the statue of a racist. Yes, really.

“Boycott Sainsbury’s” is trending on Twitter and everyone has lost their heads because they think it’s because the store has done something controversial – when it’s quite the opposite. In the most British response possible, people are calling out “racists” for booking up the Sainsbury’s delivery slots in retaliation – you really couldn’t make this up. Here’s an explainer of everything that has happened and some of the best reactions to it all.

Where did the ‘Boycott Sainsbury’s’ trend come from?

In short, today’s calls to boycott Sainsbury’s came after Lord Sainsbury, whose great-grandfather founded the store, was blamed for the removal of the Robert Milligan statue in West India Quay, London, after claims emerged that the family fund the Museum of London, which reportedly made the decision.

The statue of noted slaveholder Robert Milligan, was removed from outside the Museum of London Docklands after Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a review of all of London’s statues and street names. He said any with links to slavery “should be taken down”.

The hashtag “Boycott Sainsbury’s” then started trending on Twitter as people said “racists” who were against the statue being taken down were refusing to shop at the store anymore. People have also shared screenshots of the store’s website with no available slots for online delivery  – saying the same “racists” are taking up all the slots in retaliation.

People are obviously very confused. One person on Twitter said: “So let me get this straight. People are going to #BoycottSainsburys because Lord Sainsbury has urged statues of slave owners to be taken down? Are these people actually for real?”

Sainsbury’s is yet to comment on the hashtag trend or news of the statue being taken down. But on Twitter, the Museum for London said: “The statue of Robert Milligan has stood uncomfortably outside the Museum of London Docklands for a long time, one of only three museums in the UK to address the history of the transatlantic slave trade.

“The Museum of London recognises that the monument is part of the ongoing problematic regime of white-washing history, which disregards the pain of those who are still wrestling with the remnants of the crimes Milligan committed against humanity.”

Here are some of the best reactions and memes:

Since it started trending on Twitter, the memes have been absolutely hilarious, obviously.

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