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Olly Murs put his d*** in a Pringles tube on TikTok and now we’re all scarred for life

*Googles how to unsee a video*

Today, on this very normal Tuesday, the world is reacting to Olly Murs putting his dick in a Pringles tube hoping to go viral on TikTok. Yes, you read that correctly and I am just as confused as you are.

In the video, Olly films himself cutting off the bottom of a Pringles tube so it is completely hollow. He then sits down with his girlfriend, Amelia Tank, ready to prank her. He puts the tube on his lap and when she reaches over to grab a crisp, she is instead greeted by… a dick!!

Watch the full TikTok video below, but be warned you cannot unsee once you’ve committed to this:

Obviously, everyone has lost their mind over the video and the memes are hilarious. He’s trending on Twitter and the original upload has nearly 4million views. Why did he choose to do this? Will we ever recover? How do you unsee a TikTok? Who gave this man the internet?

This isn’t even the first TikTok prank Olly Murs has done. His account is filled with him messing about with his girlfriend and doing dumb stuff around his house. When did he get like this?

Here are all the best memes reacting to the Pringles video so far.

1. This is not how I wanted my Tuesday to go


3. Brb logging off x

4. I will never be the same again

5. Ok goodbye x


7. Just slightly x

8. I know we’re in lockdown but please someone go and check on this man

9. What a world we live in

10. This is so accurate help

11. I don’t need this anymore

12. In short, no

13. Ok, this is savage

I’m done for the day, no more please.

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