James Haskell was suspended from college for filming a 17-year-old having sex

He set up a secret camera in a cupboard to do it

James Haskell was once suspended for secretly filming two 17-year-olds having sex, it has emerged.

The rugby star, who is currently appearing on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Set up a hidden camera in a cupboard to film his best mate, Paul Doran-Jones, having sex with his girlfriend in their dorm room at Wellington College.

James and Paul reportedly held "screenings" in communal spaces where they showed the clip to their classmates. The girl in the video did not know she was being filmed, and was "furious" when she found out what James had done, OK! Online reports. Both boys and the girl were suspended.

A source who saw the video told OK! Online: "It was full-on stuff. The younger boys were banned from seeing it.

"It's fair to say that it was obviously not the first time for either Paul or his girlfriend."

Paul and his then-girlfriend were said to be in a very "casual relationship."

Speaking to OK! Online, a source said: "I was told that the boys showed the film to their friends at the college.

"Paul's girlfriend had no idea what he'd been up to, but when she found out she was really angry.

"She was suspended too, which seems a bit unfair."

The film was reportedly destroyed once the girl got hold of it.

When headmasters at the school found out what happened, James and Paul were suspended after admitting what had happened.

Paul's girlfriend was also suspended for breaking the school's no-sex rule.

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