Girls tell the creepy ways exes have tried to get back in contact with them

Please, add me on LinkedIn

If you really want to get over an ex fast, forget they ever existed and erase all memories you had together, you have to block them. On everything.

For most, ‘everything’ is limited to the social media channels used daily, like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Because whose ex would be psycho enough to get hold of them any other way, like via LinkedIn, eBay or mobile banking?

Oh, wait. Here they are!

She sent me a fiver on Monzo

I hadn’t spoken to my ex in seven months. We didn’t end on the best terms – she cheated on me with another girl on a night out. She tried to get me to take her back, but I was having none of it. I did the usual of blocking her on everything, and it worked for a while. Until seven months later when I got a Monzo notification saying she’d sent me a fiver. At first I thought it might have been an accident, but then I figured you have to do about four steps on the app to actually send money. She was obviously wanting me to send her a message, or maybe she wanted me to reply with a ‘thanks!’ on Monzo lol. Grace, 24

They endorsed me on LinkedIn

I’d blocked my ex on everything humanely possible because he was constantly sending me a barrage of messages. But he managed to find a way to get in touch – LinkedIn – where he decided to endorsed me…for ‘communication’. Hattie, 21

He would call me off his mum’s phone

Me and my ex-boyfriend split up three years ago, and I hadn’t heard from him since the break. Then one day I got a call from his mum, and obviously I let it go to voicemail because I presumed it was a pocket call. But then I was getting a call from 121, and when I picked it up it was from him asking if we could talk. It was odd enough that he was calling me off his mum’s phone, but then he moved onto calling from his house phone. I blocked them all. Aoife, 19

I was tagged in a meme about one night stands

This guy I was sleeping with tagged me in a meme which said “what’s the worst thing you’ve bought home after a night out” – which was nice. Rochelle, 21

He sent me a truly Softboi song on Spotify

In true desperation, when all other means of communication had been exhausted, my ex sent me a song over Spotify. And to make it worse, it was by The Smiths. Vom. Chelsea, 18

They found my Depop and started commenting on my items

I’d gone on a date with a guy from Tinder, and some months later (I ghosted him, sorry), he tried to get back in touch. I ignored his messages because I had no inclination to see him again.

I was doing a clear out on Depop, and listed the top I wore on our dinner date, and he somehow tracked down my Depop and commented on the post and DM’d me on there. Weird. Ellie, 25

She messaged my sister, then took her for lunch

My sister came into my room one day and told me my ex-girlfriend had dropped her a message asking how I was and if she, not I, would want to go for lunch. We hadn’t heard from her in months, and my sis ended up going and my ex just asked about me for two hours. Aimee, 20

He sent me an email on Christmas Day

I received an email from my ex-boyfriend at around 2am on Christmas morning – so he was obviously drunk – telling me to have a jolly good day. Obviously I didn’t reply. Florence, 23

They continually banged on my bathroom window in the middle of the night

The guy I was sleeping with at uni was so pissed off that I hadn’t responded to any of my messages that she decided to come round to my flat at 1am and start banging on the windows. He didn’t stop until I opened the door. Tina, 18

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