Revealed: How many people studying your course take drugs

So that’s what you do with just six contact hours a week

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There’s something about the arts. You’re more enlightened, you grow your mind past numbers and letters and outside of all those perfectly geometric boxes, and into a world of colour and history and human endeavour. And, you take a lot of drugs.

You can almost imagine them all sitting round in a seminar, outside on the lawn, surrounded by butterflies and sitting on straw bags once used to transport coffee beans, passing the spliff to the left hand side, discussing the values of the male gaze in Orientalism.  That’s because – according to our drug survey of 11,000 people – 95 per cent of History of Art students, and 94 per cent of those who study Art, say they have taken drugs.

Closely following them are those who think they’ve got a bit more about them, because they study dead languages and ruins on the ground. 90 per cent of Classics students have taken drugs, ranking them third. Business students’ efforts to become the next Jordan Belfort aren’t that in vain. They came joint fourth with Sociology at 89 per cent.

The boring know-it-all Medics, Dentists and Vets find themselves in the bottom three.

How druggy is your course?

History of Art 95 per cent

Art 94 per cent

Classics 90 per cent

Business 89 per cent

Sociology 89 per cent

Economics 88 per cent

English 88 per cent

Politics 86 per cent

History 85 per cent

Engineering 84 per cent

Physics 84 per cent

Geography 83 per cent

Psychology 83 per cent

Law 81 per cent

Biology 80 per cent

Maths 80 per cent

Chemistry 79 per cent

Computer Science 79 per cent

Languages 79 per cent

Education 76 per cent

Medicine 72 per cent

Dentistry 69 per cent

Vet Science 68 per cent

The Tab’s Drug Survey was taken by 11,000 people. It’s the biggest survey of its kind. For more results, see here.