Alice Stephens

An Interview with Sophie West: the Union’s satirical Presidential candidate

‘There’s an element of truth to every joke’

What it’s like to be in a student band in Cambridge

The Tab speaks to four of Cambridge’s best and most well-known student bands

Ruth Wilson sits down with The Tab

The Golden Globe winner discussed her new film, True Things, after its exclusive premiere at the Union on Friday

Preview: An Enemy of the People

“A dangerous argument can be really convincing”

Reading week update: Cambridge SU receive student mandate to change Cambridge term structure

The proposal outlines plans for the introduction of a Reading Week, as well as a Monday-Sunday week format

King’s College rowers are exercising one million metres to support Cambridge homelessness charities

The rowers are already on track to exceed their target by Valentine’s Day and have so far raised over £850

Just four students tested positive for Covid last week in Cambridge’s asymptomatic testing programme

This represents 0.1% of the student body who were tested

High and dry: How Cambridge colleges are coping without bedders during lockdown

A love letter to bedders everywhere x

Number of asymptomatic COVID cases rises significantly to 1.5 per cent last week

This is the highest number seen in a single week since testing began, as well as the biggest weekly increase

0.5 per cent of students test positive for asymptomatic COVID-19 in week five

This continues the consecutive decrease in cases, but Graham Virgo warns next week’s stats look ‘disappointing’

Cambridge SU changes its campaign to demand opt-in system for in-person learning

A friendly amendment was passed to campaign for opt-in face-to-face teaching, with online learning as the default

Cambridge makes ‘mini-lungs’ to investigate effects of COVID-19

Cambridge scientists collaborated with teams from South Korea to aid the global research effort on coronavirus

Cambridge SU campaigns for all ‘non-essential’ teaching to be done online

These changes would move the Unversity into line with official SAGE guidance