Alice Stephens

High and dry: How Cambridge colleges are coping without bedders during lockdown

A love letter to bedders everywhere x

Number of asymptomatic COVID cases rises significantly to 1.5 per cent last week

This is the highest number seen in a single week since testing began, as well as the biggest weekly increase

0.5 per cent of students test positive for asymptomatic COVID-19 in week five

This continues the consecutive decrease in cases, but Graham Virgo warns next week’s stats look ‘disappointing’

Cambridge SU changes its campaign to demand opt-in system for in-person learning

A friendly amendment was passed to campaign for opt-in face-to-face teaching, with online learning as the default

Cambridge makes ‘mini-lungs’ to investigate effects of COVID-19

Cambridge scientists collaborated with teams from South Korea to aid the global research effort on coronavirus

Cambridge SU campaigns for all ‘non-essential’ teaching to be done online

These changes would move the Unversity into line with official SAGE guidance