PSA: Halloween is never an excuse for blackface

Just go as a witch and be done with it

Forcing university students to return means the UK government has blood on its hands

The worsening mental health crisis we are now facing was totally avoidable, but they made the wrong decision

I’m a Jewish UoB student and I’m sick of worrying about professor David Miller

Since last January he has been brought up in roughly every other JSOC committee meeting

Rihanna, we deserve more than an Insta story as an apology for your appropriation of the hadith

Rihanna could have made her apology to the Muslim community far more personal than an Instagram story that deletes after 24 hours

I did not sign up for this uni experience and I want my money back

£9,250 to sit in my room all day feels like a bitttt of a scam?

Forcing students to stay at their universities will cause a mental health crisis

Take it from us, the actual students

Scottish unis shouldn’t have let us back on campus just to punish us for being students

A Covid spike? When you told thousands of students to return to campus? Groundbreaking

I am a clinically vulnerable student living in halls, and your parties are selfish

Everyone says ‘don’t go and you’ll be fine’, but it’s not that simple

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


The government needs to stop blaming young people for following the rules they enforced

The Tory government should be begging for our support

Adele’s cultural appropriation is being excused ‘because she’s Adele’ and I’m not having it

I really don’t care if you’re from South London – you’re white

Everything we learnt from the Missguided documentary, and everything they missed out

People are accusing them of not actually being empowering

The term ‘Simp’ is being used to shame men who treat women well and it needs to stop

Treating a woman well is not ‘Simp behaviour’, but misogyny sure is

Anyone who’s had disordered eating knows how dangerous weighing kids in school is

There are plans to introduce it in schools this year

Rita Ora isn’t black, she’s a blackfish and here are the receipts

She said people thinking she’s black ‘gets her places’

Dear white people: We really hate the term BAME, so stop using it

I do not identify as BAME, none of my friends refer to themselves as BAME, so why use the term?

Ofcom complaints for the CBBC kiss prove the UK is still homophobic

‘I’m not homophobic but I just hate seeing the gays kiss’ like come on